The Cutty Sark being built in  Dumbarton 1869

The name Cutty Sark’s name comes from Tam O’Shanter by  Robert Burns. It tells of a farmer who saw a beautiful witch dancing in a short petticoat, which was called a ‘cutty sark’ in ancient regional Scottish. Overcome by the dance, he called out “Weel done ‘cutty sark’!” and was then chased by the witch, who was furious to have been spied. She was hot on his heels until he crossed the River Doon and was saved — witches cannot cross running water.

Monarch of the Myre by Andy Magee on Flickr.

This scuplture created by Andy Scott, represents a stag and its reflection in water, most of you will know Scott as the man who brought us The Kelpies but he has many other pieces throughout Scotland including The Heavy Horse on the M8, Arria, Cumbernauld and the Ibrox Disaster Memorial, as well as others in England, Australia and Northern Ireland, check them out on his website here http://www.scottsculptures.co.uk/