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If you lie your pants will fly

In Denmark when someone is whispering or lying, we respond to it with a children’s rhyme: “Dem der hvisker lyver, så bukserne de flyver” (English: “Those who are whispering are lying, so much so that their pants are flying”). The accused will respond: “Det må de gerne, få det er moderne” (English: ”They [the pants] are allowed to do that, because that is modern/fashionable”).

the fact that namjoon had to clear up that kook suddenly acting “weirder” than normal wasnt a sudden change, but that hes always been like this is slightly upsetting bc although its amazing that kook is opening up, its unsettling to know that ppl would’ve misunderstood him suddenly being this way & would maybe disapprove or something, forcing him to be as silent & as closed off as he was before.

Got a 5 facts thing, so here we go:

1. People who wiggle their eyebrows or do weird shit with them make me kinda uncomfortable and flustered at the same time.
2. I’m a lot more sensitive than I look and act. I try and act super tough and hardcore, but sometimes I wanna just curl up, ignore the world and cry.
3. I love eating crab so much. I can eat a whole crab (a pound) in a matter of minutes, cracking it with my hands instead of the cracking thing. Sometimes I eat crab everyone else doesn’t finish. My favorite food IN THE WORLD.
4. Once you become my friend, you become an important part of my universe. I’ll worry for and about you, I’ll always be there if you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to rant at or confide in. It’ll be hard for me to not seem clingy, because I’ll want to know how your day went and what assholes I need to punch in the face.
5. It’s not hard to make me smile. A bad pun, a funny face, little things can make me grin like the Cheshire Cat.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Palencia retiring ?

I was very much surprised he retired i thought he would keep on playing for a couple more yrs. Surprising that he would retire when he was going through a good streak in his career.

*fun fact: (not really fun, dumb actually) first time I bought black nail polish I thought to myself I wonder what brand paco palancia buys..

I’m serious.

Family Fun Fact

Because I’m bored and feel like spreading useless X Japan stuff. Yoshiki has a younger brother named Kouki, who is four years younger than him. He later on became an actor. He was born around the same time Yoshiki began playing the piano.

college au: texting pt. 10

Taemin: why the fuck is it raining wtf is this

Jonghyun: april showers bring may flowers


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i didn’t see this earlier but i was tagged by fourtwenteon to post 6 facts about myself ;w;

1. i own like eight cats

2. i’m a weenie who doesn’t like the dark

3. i’m really dumb and get sad when nobody gives me attention because then i think you hate me

4. i like talking to my friends but i’M SO BAD AT CONVERSATIONS. i’m surprised my friends still like me

5. i love robots so much, they have a special place in my heart

500daysofconsh asked:

TAG! YOU’RE IT! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they’re it!

- I don’t eat pasta or noodles at all.

- I prefer cold pizza over warm

- I hold my pencil ‘cavemamn style’ and I write and draw that way.

I’m sure my professors will break that for me…

- I purchase strawberry milk everyday between 9:30 - 10 am and without it daily my day feels off schedule and incomplete.

- I’m cursed with making over the top dramatic faces when I’m telling stories

- I like to read fanfictions and act out/ voice the characters outloud.

- I’m a huge procrastinator

- I’m super lazy and I nap too much

- I watch Dr. Phil every day

- I hold the record of ‘most late assignments’ in my photo class. 2 years and I’ve never handed in a single assignment on time. LOL. I’m such a bad student, but I just don’t like photo. I only took it because I like the teacher. NO NOT LIKE THAT, He’s just super cool. B)

i don t like themes where an entire blog is compressed into a tiny scrollbox (like this one i dont have anything against the blogger but im just saying) it makes me feel so compressed and claustrophobic idk i could never follow anyone with a blog like that