Feature: dullDiamond

I love how simple and playful all of the dullDiamond pieces are; Jen and Emily pair interesting shapes, colors, textures, and materials together to make drool-worthy necklaces and bracelets.

They were kind enough to give us this statement:

"We see dullDiamond as a place to create objects informed by our mutual love of color, shape, scale and pattern. While this has been taking the form of jewelry and a handful of ceramic pieces in the inaugural months of the shop- we are more interested in the process rather than the ultimate form… For us it’s about the pleasure of making things- seeing the materials and arranging them in our own ways. Our collaboration works because we are friends who are inspired by each other and we hope this joy comes through in each piece we make."

Image credit: dullDiamond


What a very busy few days it’s been; I took a little summer vacation for a family wedding and got to go to Minnesota for the first time!

Among the many wedding festivities, I got to meet designers and hunt for great vintage. The first evening there I finally got to meet Emily and Jen of DULLDIAMOND in person! This was a special treat because they’ve been supporters from afar since the very beginning of the shop AND because I got to pick up their fresh batch of jewelry!

We had the best frites of my life at BARBETTE and a wonderful chat, but of course I lost my attention span opening up these beautiful treats; DullDiamond never disappoints.

There are four necklaces in an edition of 2 each ($52-62), and two elastic bracelets and three clasp bracelets in an addition of 3 each ($32-36), all exclusive to Myrtle.

Get them while you can—they’ll go quickly!

New jewels arrived from DULL DIAMOND!  Emily and Jen keep knocking it out of the park with their custom pieces for Myrtle and this time around they made some smaller bracelets that even the tiniest wrists won’t lose.

{There are only 2-3 of each style so you’ll have to snatch up these little works of art fast}