So, 2014 is looking pretty exciting:

It’s about 3:26am on 1/1/2014, and I receive a message on my Facebook.  According to the message, THE Duke Westlake who made a cypher beat… that I don’t know… had both Watsky and Dumbfoundead among other well known YouTube emcees “commented on my cypher using his beat”.

So at first I was like: 

But then I WENT to my page… and HE WAS REALLY MAD AT ME!!! (See image)

In my laziness to somehow lay down cover art to convey PONY + DUKE WESTLAKE... I dropped a pic of his face on Rarity and moved on with my fairly unknown hip-hop artist existence. Hell, the video alone was released 8 months ago, and hasn’t broken 619 views. 

But if you see the picture, Duke Westlake clearly does not want to be even remotely associated with Ponies… and was very much under the impression that I was disrespecting him.  

My first interaction with real “professional hip-hop production” outside the fandom and I was being RAGED AT.  *GULP* There goes that dream.

Anyways, I’m not sure how he found my rinky-dink Soundcloud page, but obviously he was upset enough to comment on it, requesting I take his “fukin face of a the fukin pony (sp)”.

I’m truly sorry Duke Westlake.  You made a great beat.  It’s obvious it had a lot of traction since it reached beyond the grasp of mainstream YouTube hip-hop artists and found its way to the grimy and seedy underbelly of Brony Rap.  I was kinda under the impression that if I took Barack Obama’s face, and put it on Berry Punch’s flank as a cutie mark, the President wouldn’t personally ask me to take it down.  But I will respect your request and handle it.

My god I hope that didn’t sound TOO snarky.

Anyways, to everyone else - I apologize for the last two months.  I’ve been in a musical bind right now and I’m seeing that the fog will clear in the next couple weeks, and I can get back to being that SUPER OFFENSIVE musician who is making waves by PURPOSELY insulting people greater than I.  

Let’s make 2014 an amazing year, shall we?

Link to the Cypher: 


Link to the Cypher on Soundcloud: 



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