Look I did a thing… just imagining if in the afterlife House York had to get together and take a family photo. 

From Left to Right, Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IV, underneath them Elizabeth of York and Henry VII (Who is obviously not pleased to be in this photo but whatever makes Bess happy) Isabel Duchess of Clarence and George Duke of Clarence, and Richard III and Anne Neville. 

I used the website Azaleasdolls.com and I used the Snow Queen maker. And then edited it through Picsas

i work on a presentation of metropolis for my university and i realized for the first time we can see the corpses of duke red and rock after the ziggourat’s explosion.

(private joke:

Rock: I love you father…

Duke: Red:ooh shut uup….)


Ambassadeurs - Duke Red [HD] (di JBSAsounds)


Ambassadeurs - Duke Red

“ Ambassadeurs manages to combine a number of genres here, as traces of West Coast beat music, UK bass, and the now-ubiquitous touch of modern R&B are all present. It’s the kind of tune a beatmaker can appreciate, one that moves in measured steps and is held together by its solid drum work and an impressively precise aesthetic.”