On a chilly night in February, Jessica Ojeda, 23, sat shivering in her car while police arrested her fiancé for drunken driving.

It was shortly after 1:30 a.m. and they were still a couple of miles from their Salem home. Her cellphone was dead; she didn’t have money for a taxi. Police put her fiancé, William Helle, in the back of a police car and told Ojeda they were impounding the vehicle.

"I don’t have any way to get home," Ojeda said to the deputy. "Wait a minute, you can’t just pull me over and leave me here."

But a Marion County police report confirms that Ojeda was, indeed, left there — alone at 2 a.m., walking along Hawthorne Avenue NE to a nearby hotel to call for a ride.

Most law enforcement agencies don’t have policies in place requiring officers to go out of their way to help people who wind up in situations like Ojeda’s.


D.U.I. (Driving Under The Influence)
  • D.U.I. (Driving Under The Influence)
  • Green Day
  • Shenanigans (Unreleased)

The rare song ‘DUI’, written and performed by Tré Cool, is mentioned in the Shenanigans track listing but is not on the album itself. In the track listing, ‘DUI’ is listed between tracks nine and ten (‘Tired of Waiting for You’ and ‘Sick of Me’). All of the song information except for the title is hidden by a large spot of spray paint.

Mike joked that it was removed because it was filled with “great advice”; then Billie Joe stated that he “likes irresponsibility, but not that much irresponsibility”.

DA wants Nevada’s marijuana DUI law changed

(ReviewJournal) Determining whether a motorist is under the influence of marijuana is much more difficult than determining whether a motorist is under the influence of alcohol.

Nevada’s DUI marijuana laws need to be changed to reflect the impairment of the driver, not just a standard blood level, according to Clark County’s top prosecutor, some lawmakers and pot advocates.

In Nevada, if there is enough THC — marijuana’s active ingredient — in the blood system despite passing a field sobriety test, the driver is “per se” guilty of DUI of a controlled substance; per se meaning the driver is guilty without consideration of extraneous factors.

County District Attorney Steve Wolfson has joined a growing list of lawmakers, prosecutors and advocates saying state DUI marijuana law needs review at the 2015 Legislature to have some standard of impairment beyond a blood test.

Study: Texting impairs drivers twice as much alcohol

According to research by the U.K.’s Transport Research Laboratory, among drivers making calls on a hand-held device, reaction time was reduced by a staggering 46%; the number was 37% among people who text and drive. And Bluetooth doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference either: even for hands-free callers, reaction time was cut by 27%.

For comparison, among drivers with 80mg or more of alcohol per 100ml of blood, average reaction time was reduced by 13%; for marijuana users, it was 21%.

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What exactly do lawyers that deal with DUIs actually do?

All sorts of things!

Making sure that the police had probable cause to stop the vehicle in the first place. No probable cause for the stop, whole case gets tossed.

Making sure that the police used appropriate methods for determining that there was probable cause to test for DUI. Unless they’re doing a checkpoint (for which there are strict rules), they can’t just stop you for an illegal turn and ask you to take a breath test because they feel like it.

Making sure that the methods used to determine BAC were reliable and correctly used. Police departments fail to calibrate their equipment—and lab results get lost/corrupted/switched—more often than you’d think.

Making sure that any interrogation/questioning conducted back at the station was proper and did not violate any of the defendant’s rights.

Etc. It’s not about “proving” that the defendant didn’t commit the charged offense. Criminal defense work rarely is. It’s about making sure the state isn’t cutting any corners. Which, unfortunately, happens all the time. Convictions can only be based upon evidence which supports guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Poking holes in the prosecution’s case can be an incredibly effective way of doing that, though in DUI in particular it’s more about keeping improper evidence out than casting doubt on the evidence as such.


You are the scum of the Earth if you drink and drive.

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