Dualism of the Soul

Despite this calming surface,

resembling the morning dawn,

there lies a heavy current

brimming underneath inside.

At times it’s like winter’s tempest,

a storm of blinding confusion pain,

where darkness shrouds and suffocates,

engulfing every crevices burn.

And the struggle is neither a moment,

but a lifetime of intermingling discoveries,

of life and love, and forgiveness

amidst the suffocation of misery.

For when drowning seems like salvation,

the soul would not resign,

and when the surface shows no danger,

the immortal rages on for life.

White and black, the monochromatic chorus...

That white and black wolf photo really drew some attention. Most unexpected! It was a lead-in…

     I wanted to touched on the very subject of opposites. White and black. Light and dark, Yin and Yang. Each lacks apart of each-other and together they are formed whole. There are many natural symbols of this, the one I shall relate to you is that which you have already seen in a rare form of beauty.

     Duelism: The inference that there are two parts of a whole. One part will most often be attracted to the other, which leads into the idea of soul-mates. Two souls who bond on a congruent wavelength. Strengths and weakness complementing each other.

         Often one will wander their path seeking their soul-mate under the conclusion there is only one and no others out there for them. Realize that we find ourselves in each other, you will have more than one soul-mate through out your life. Perhaps it is brief like a falling star, and it is that somebody who sets you back on your path. Perhaps it is that friendship that will last a lifetime. Bonding on a spiritual level will transgress Time itself.

Pure and White as Snow mingling with the gentle Dark soul of Night, they draw courage and hope from each-other.

That was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Post Fan Expo Meet-up. We had a fantastic time nerding out and coming down from the high that was Fan Expo.

So, as promised, here is the tumblr list

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Me - melmody

And as soon as Morgan sends me the big group picture I shall post that too! It was so awesome to see/meet everyone. You rock!

- Melody

Kestrel, aka Kes, is my female Grey Warden.

She’s a rogue Dalish elf with a chip on her shoulder, specialising in duelism and tormenting Sten. Her hobbies include calling out everyone on their internalised racism, being deliberately abrasive and making out with Alistair at really inappropriate times. The height difference between her and the rest of the team gives me life. Her expressions range between unimpressed and melancholy.