This gif can be used in so many different contexts:

  • "Wait, did I remember to lock the door?"
  • Seeing a someone you know from school while shopping
  • "Shit, going the wrong way"
  • That mini-heart attack when you don’t feel your phone in your pocket
  • Period leak
  • Forgetting how to walk when coming across a hallway of people
  • Going to bed and remembering you have homework due the next day
  • Sudden onset of diarrhea 
  • Walking down the school hallway and hearing your name
  • You notice a stranger following you
  • When you realize the meaning of life.

bts x hogwarts

park jimingryffindor ; fifth year ; seeker

Damon and Elena learning to control themselves and their feeding, by feeding on each other

Spending days in bed because now, they’re each other’s food source, no one else is needed

Damon waking up to Elena licking up the blood on his stomach, following the trail down.

Damon feeding from her thigh as his fingers tease her

Their fangs sinking into each other’s necks the moment he enters her, no part of them not touching; not connected.

January 21, 1979 - Dory|Caradoc (Dueling Club)

Dory walked in the Great Hall, and beamed. Nothing much has changed about the place she had called home for seven years. The suits of armor were still there, the floating candles and the ceiling that showed the sky outside. The Hall was still alive with the chatter and laughter of students, a small explosion going on here and there as students played Exploding Snaps or attempted to charm something and doing it wrong.

But it was still too quiet for Dory. The look of fear and wariness was on most of the students’ faces. And who could blame them? Someone had died not even two weeks ago. Right in this castle, where they had always believed they would be safe and secure under Dumbledore’s care. To have a student die right under their nose, knowing it could have been them. The reports on the bombing in Princess Street is probably not helping with their nerves.

These kids were afraid, and she knew it. And Dumbledore knew it, too. Who wouldn’t be? Even during her own time, Dory felt like Hogwarts was the safest place one could be in. It was supposed to be far from He Who Must Not Be Named’s reach. And yet, somehow, a girl died after handling a Dark Artifact.

Naturally, Dumbledore had sent the Order to give the students a lesson on defense. They couldn’t have any other innocent student dying. They needed to be prepared in case they needed to fight. And, of course, Dory was the first to be on the scene. She couldn’t pass up the opportunity to duel. It was what she was infamous for in her time. It’s high time the first- and second-years see just what she could do with a wand.

Some of the students turned to her, curiously. Dory wasn’t a student anymore, and they knew it and they were probably wondering why she was there. “Dory! Hey!” A seventh year called out to her.

Ah, yes. She left Hogwarts only two years ago. Someone was sure to have recognized her. “Hullo!” She waved at the seventh year, whose name she couldn’t remember.

Finally, she found who she was looking for. She approached him, in his own little corner, being anti-social as ever. “Oi, Ducky. Turn that frown upside down. Remember when you used to have so much fun with your little Puff friends over there?” She said, tapping him on the shoulder and pointing to a group of Hufflepuffs huddled together, laughing and talking.

"Stop scowling, you’ll scare the students." Dory teased. Oh, this would be so much fun! Or…well, maybe not. Caradoc and Dory, together. They had different personalities. That was putting it mildly. They were polar opposites of each other. She had been mentally preparing herself for any clashes that might occur between the two of them. But they had a job, so Dory had to force herself to be nice(In her own Dory Meadowes way). Caradoc has been known to have quite the temper. And she herself got angry pretty quickly. They would just have to put up with each other. Whether Caradoc admitted it or not, he and Dory, together were very capable at teaching the new generation of Hogwarts kids how to duel.