Dudele of the Day!

Now we some dudette action as well.

A few things I wanted to chat about with my tumblr community.  First off, to all my San Fransiscans, PRAY for me because I am on the waitlist for the Alternative Press Expo (APE) and I need about 10 people to drop out before I can drop in.  So pray and pray hard.  Also, if I do get in, should I do a commission request sign up for pick up at the event?  Also, too, should I even try to get a table at Artist’s Alley for Comic-Con?  Don’t know how I would do there…scary intimidating.

I love getting to flex my more fashion-y side with these Dudeles but I do realize most of my following is coming from the comic-geek-marvelly-x-men-y side of my art.  What I’m wondering is if my other work is worth selling as originals in my store.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Concerns?  Don’t be afraid to let em rip.  :P

  • Baris pertama, itu baru selese tadi, dudel maso, tau tangan lagi sakit tapi maksa aja buat nerusin ni gambar yang gak kepake buat 30 day otp chal. Terus, kenapa ada dua? Karena yg satu req Kak Aicchan buat gedein pitanya… yak ngalahin helokiti gitu
  • Baris kedua, udah lama dibuatnya, dibuat sebelahan gitu buat gantungan kunci/hp. Well, udah jadi katanya, dan saya penasaran ga sabar buat nerima kirimannya. >///A///<
  • Yg terakhir, hahay… udah lama juga buatnya, iseng doank… /o/

Oke, jadi intinya tangan saya lagi sakit #lebay #cengeng mau break dulu gambar2 (yah paling ngemaso lanjutin commis doank, kalau kelar ya istirahat dulu)


Here’s a very condensed play by play of a poster I did for Cub Camp NYC, which if you are in the area, you should definitely go to.  The actual poster will follow shortly.  

One of the hardest things for me to render via watercolor is muscle.  Because so often I’m painting women with less muscle structure, it’s a problem I can cheat or mostly avoid.  But when I’m called upon to do some sexy, fit male individual, I tend to change my process a bit, which is why the final version of this piece looks a little different than most of my work.  I’m trying to see if I can find a way to marry the two processes or come up with a watercolor process I’m happy with muscle-wise.  As you can see, my watercolors were kept mainly flat with pretty much no details or refining done to the figure.  Then in photoshop I tweak color and add definition and lighting to create a rounded and formed body.  The process is fairly simple: I create multiple layers containing copies of the body and I change each layer so that the top most layer is darkest and the bottom most layer is the lightest in color.  Then I erase away at each layer to render our muscle and lighting and shadow and all that jazz and then I change the hue of each layer.  Simple, right?  Thoughts?  Concerns?  My slot is open.