Tight Pants: Kirill Petrov

New Post: Admit it. You’ve been watching the KHL (and reading our liveblogs) only because you’re following your favorite NHL players during the lockout. It’s alright, I’m not faulting you for it, it’s sort of the logical move. But have you actually sat down and watched the KHL? It’s surprisingly good. There’s quite a few KHL players, be they Russians or European that you should be paying attention to. Ones that probably won’t be going back to the NHL when the lockout ends. Maybe they should, though. I’m going to start up a series of a few posts talking about players in the KHL you should be paying attention to. I’d like to introduce you to Kirill Petrov. http://dlvr.it/2N41Xj #upthepucks

I have been really high. I have been so high I was abducted by aliens, toured through the multiverses, and dropped off back at home in my bed knowing the true meaning of life; but I have never once thought an egg was a brain. I don’t think those ads are working.
—  Bill Hicks

thecluesofme asked:

Hi *waves* For your Q&A thing, what's your favorite Buffy, Parks and Rec, Pokemon, and overall anime character?

Sorry, I went to bed because I’m awful. I slept for like… 9.5 hours which for anyone that knows me, you know that’s like… a record for me.

Favorite Buffy Character: Okay everyone is gonna hate me for this, but I watched Buffy when it was on and loved it and haven’t watched it since. I’m not a guy that really rewatches things, so my ability to remember things from the show is poor. However, while it was on and I was watching every week, I loved Xander Harris and he may have been my first dudecrush.

Favorite Parks and Rec: “All of them” is an inappropes answer, right? Because I’m pretty sure it’s all of them. Umm I guess Andy Dwyer because he’s hot as heck and I had a dream about him the other night where he was my best friend so I’mma go with Andy Dwyer.

Favorite Pokemon: I’m assuming you mean character from the anime? Pretty much none of them, they were a trainwreck of idiots. You know what cracked me up though? The Unova series, with… frick, what was the rival’s name? Trip? He was such a doucheweasel american stereotype. Taking pictures of everything, really snobby and pretentious. And his level 5 Snivy beat the shit out of Ash’s level 100 probably Pikachu and I loved it. And Ash was like "You’re gonna be my new best friend!" and Trip was all “dude what the fuck. Go home, foreigner” (cuz he’s American) and Ash goes "Okay, fine! Then you’re my rival! Yay!!!" and Trip is like “Can you please fuck off. I don’t even care about you at all,” and it was marvelous.

Favorite Overall Anime Character: Umm umm umm. Okay please don’t hate me but I used to be way more into anime than I am now, I don’t think there’s a single show I currently keep up with. I guess my answer is TK from the Digimon series, I loved that little dude and his Patomon. I’m sure I have better answers, I just can’t think of ‘em right now. ::edit:: oh and also Nagisa from Swimming Boys because he’s so fucking happy all the time and I love it.