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on a less serious note. imagine vision going to the grocery store and people staring at the purple guy with a gold cape buying doritos

vision asking someone what the best brand to get of something is and being helped out by the slightly terrified but very friendly dude in aisle 3

him humming a lil tune as he strolls to the checkout politely smiling at all the people looking at him with their mouths slightly open

the cashier just staring at him for a minute before she realizes he’s holding money out to her

a little girl pulling on her mom’s pant leg and whispering “why isnt anyone in OUR family purple”

vision hearing her and smiling to himself

yes omg i am totally here for vision doing the grocery shopping

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What do you mean when you say "Star Wars is doing Diversity for Diversity's sake?" John Boyega was the only POC guy on the shortlist for the role of "Finn"

Oscar Issac the x wing pilot who has been confirmed to be apart of the new trio (John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are the other two) is latino. People (such as beyond the trailer) say this is a “risky move” and that “we shouldn’t forget about white dudes as well”. I am not even kidding link to that here. As for what I mean there is a subconscious racist statement that people go straight too whenever they see poc in roles typically played by non poc. It’s the whole “We should not cast for diversity but cast for talent, and who deserves the part”. When white studios very much so cast for white people and specifically white people ALL THE TIME. 

NEVER does someone skin color when they are white ever make someone go to the “Well we shouldn’t cast for whose white, but whose the most talented and deserves the role”. But the minute you get a black guy helming your trilogy comments about his talent, whether or not he should be a stormtrooper, and many another come about because people are trying to find different ways of saying how they feel rather than saying “I don’t feel comfortable with a poc lead”.  

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Morgan was just walking when she bumped into someone. At first, her reaction was polite, turning to face the other with apologetic words on her lips. "I'm sorry, I did not-..." The moment she saw it was Clover, however, those words fell short and she crossed her arms. "-know it was you. What are you doing here?" (daughterofbrokenfate)

“I’m walking, am I not allowed to do that, you’re highness?” 

She practically hissed the last part. Clover was minding her own buisness and was having a perfectly good day until the brat showed up. “Go run along now, cretin.”

“Cas. Talk to me.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Don’t give me that crap. I know you. Something’s up.”

Cas sighed. “It’s just… what is there for me now? Heaven is running smoothly, Hell is under control, the hunter network is stronger than ever, you’re free of the Mark and I’m just… here. Not doing much of anything. I have no purpose anymore, no mission. I’m not an angel of the Lord, I don’t belong in Heaven… but I’m not human either. I don’t seem to belong anywhere. I just feel… lost.”

“Dude, are you serious?”

Cas frowned. “Of course I am serious. I do not see any humour in my situation at all.”

“No – don’t look at me like that, I’m not making fun of you. I just thought that you would have realised by now.”

“Realised what?”

“Look, man, I get where you’re coming from. I never felt like I fit in anywhere either. Thing is, I didn’t and I couldn’t if I tried. But it’s not about the place. It’s about the people.”

“I don’t follow.”

“You don’t belong in Heaven, Cas. They’re not your family anymore. Sam and I… I know we’re not much. We’re broken and dysfunctional and a right mess half the time, but if you’ll have us…”

“You’re saying… I can stay here with you?”

Dean smiled and pulled him into a rough hug. “Yeah, Cas. This is where you belong.”


Finally got Krita set up in a way I can use. It’s a great little application, especially for being free. I could never get into it, because I’d open it and the UI was a 90s-00s-style mess. I don’t have time to figure out what eighty grunjillion little widgety doodads with cryptic names do (also why does everything for windows look like it was designed 20 years ago), so I kept using simple things like Sketchbook and Mischief that are pretty much a digital pencil-on-paper experience. (cutting here because ugh i write too much)

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Putting aside how ominous this panel is, and also how much it hurts my heart because I was hoping for something like this and context made it into something that I didn’t want at all– ahem. Anyway. Is getting a dude you barely know to turn into a boat and ferry you and your date on your body part fishing trip not kind of weird? I mean, is it just me? Because I can’t help wondering what exactly is happening here. Is there conversation during this trip? Do they all just pretend that he’s just a boat? How is this not awkward?

Can I just take one eensy moment to say that I am unaccountably upset that I can’t speculate on the ridiculousness of this scenario with a light heart because Getaway is an emotionally manipulative jerk?

{I can’t say the fandom is dead but when the new Roleplayers are usually Law(s), Sabo(s) and Doflamingo(s) then you can’t really call it ‘active’ as well. Dude, we don’t even have the main cast around here. Do we have Usopp? Franky? No. Chopper, barely but only two, I think.

The only active Brook is my friend ‘the Korobukkuru and this person needs thousand of congratulations because is Roleplaying a character that has no ships, no fluff, just full fun crack while most Roleplayers are making characters for the sake of ships. The same thing should be done for Chopper Roleplayers as well.

I never bought the whole ‘shyness’ excuse and I never will. Especially when I see people being not so shy only to blogs they are interested in. 

The fandom is not dead, just people not appreciating even those who are active and Roleplaying as not really popular characters. The blame is on you and me.}

And the slow pace of the story.

like foreal I am so fucking glad we broke up I deserve so much better, yet here I am being pathetic what the fuck

aso I’m way cuter than he is why aren’t dudes all over me irl??? Like honestly when we first dated so many ppl were like um you know you can do better right ok WHERES THE BETTER???

1. slurs are not cool, also if you didn’t want me to be angry why did you send me a message purposely attempting to be transphobic and evocative

2. do you even know what trans means dude. do you. you don’t. ok. here’s what it means. are you ready. please take notes: to be trans literally means to be any other gender than the one you were assigned at birth. agender and nonbinary people are trans and so am i buddy! :^)

3. “every trans”

4. i am not a trans man. i literally just told you that pal but i’ll tell you again: i am not a trans man

5. if a trans man can’t bind that apparently means he isn’t trans? holy shit. trans people can do/wear/present whatever and however they want; like i said everyone’s dysphoria is different and obviously most trans dudes choose not to and that’s fine!, but if there’s a trans guy who wants to show off his cleavage and wear makeup he can and he will ok! that doesn’t make him any less trans! a person’s fashion choices does not determine their gender!

6. i’ve hit the ignore button so any further messages you send me on anon are gonna be blocked but feel free to come off anon so i can associate the bullshit you’re spouting with your url :^)

sexysylvesteroystonmccoy replied to your post:I’ve got my 7 y/o cousin coming today…for 2 days….

If you know what she’s into/likes, yer could try an find stuff for her to do, like keep her busy so she’s outta yer hair…trust is am a parent an ah dee that with me wee dude, he’s happy, am happy, it’s all good!

Oh,I wish it was that easy. You see,Jack’s a boy and whenever he’s around,my 6 y/o sister acts up. They’re so annoying…and then Mum’s taking us to the park and it’s like; “so I’ll just sit here and read,then…”

No one tagged me, but I’m bored
  1. Name: Ryn
  2. Average Hours of Sleep: Urgh, usually between 5-7
  3. The Last Thing You Googled: “Musicians who committed suicide” (I am a barrel of sunshine)
  4. Nicknames: Well, Ryn
  5. Sexual Orientation: Super queer, but I like a dude at the moment
  6. Height: 5′5
  7. Favorite Color: Blue or green
  8. One Place That Makes You Happy: Magnolia Gardens, here in Charleston
  9. How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 1 comforter
  10. Favorite Film: Withnail and I
  11. What I Am Wearing Right Now: Sweats and a t-shirt, all black
  12. Last Book Read: Just read the first two volumes of Saga; I absolutely loved it.
  13. Most Used Phrase: “Dude.”
  14. First Words That Comes to Your Mind: Fuck Sundays
  15. Last Thing You Said to a Family Member: I was ribbing my youngest sister about how loudly she spits
  16. Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke
  17. Favorite Food: Hmmm, buffalo chicken, but lamb curry and sourdough bread are close seconds
  18. Last Film I Watched in Theaters: Monkey Kingdom!
  19. Dream Vacation: I want to go to Peru and to Mexico. And back to Liverpool and Barcelona.
  20. Dream Pet: Omg, a baby tiger.
  21. Dream Job: Being paid to write about what I want to write about.

AU where everything in MKR is the same except Hikaru feels the need to take a selfie with/snapchat/Instagram/tweet just about everything. 

“Here at Tokyo Tower! What a great view!”
“I’m on a fish (on a fish) #ThisFishIsREAL!”
“New BFFs Umi and Fuu! Aw, come on, Umi, smile!”
“Short dude says he’ll teach us magic and we gotta save their world? Sounds legit!”

i can t do this the knot thing that is keeping me here isnthis tinder dude eho is saying so many noce thinfs but pain is do bad agsin and everyoen hayes me and i need to not be here incant do this I am a mondter and I cant be in this much pain anymore and I cant do this to other people who I care sbout snd i cant I cant do snuyhing I cant do this what am I supposed to live for more pain????? I cant do this

Starting to draw again

WIsh I felt comfortable posting drawn risque stuff over here but I need to keep that part of my life compartmentalized from others. o.o
But I am going to pick upon Kamen Rider Nitro again.
…also kind of tempted to do some other Rider Expies of the old OoC Crew. XD
So far I’m thinking Gaim for warlordenfilade (Pst enfilade, what’s your favorite fruit? XD)
Wizard for akitsu-artblog (I can’t see you not having a matrix style coat dude, I just can’t)
Fourze for green-eyedshooter (There’s a bunny in the moon! it’d be perfect for your want of a bunny rider dude X3)
And W for jmercedesd ( P(ony) Memory anyone?)

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Hi. Im anon eheh. Ive kinda been stalking your blog I hope that doesnt sound creepy oh man Ive literally sent you three asks what am I doing ignore all of that hello I am sydney and your name (or a preferred nickname if you do not want to tell me your real name which is totally cool)

dude not creepy at all! based on the fact i never make personal posts its really extremely flattering!!! even if i did make personal posts really youre okay! :D im actually really happy youre here omg lskdfjaklsdj did you know im nervous too this is cray aaa and i dont have a person kinda name to give you but you can call me doc!