said: I SECOND THE VOTE ON SKYFIRE. or Perceptor. But mostly Skyfire I don’t see enough of him.

dudde I have soft spot for big bara cuties like him, how did I forget to include him! gotta do it now


 said: why not just draw a bara carrying a science dork.

WOAH THERE THAT’S TOO MUCH CUTE IN ONE(but i love love love it!)


 said: OMG a bara carrying a science dork. Make it Perceptor who protests so much and can’t reach his rifle! xD

OH COME ON you guys are giving me too many ideas! now I can’t decideee

anonymous said:

dudde im from Singapore! :D

Firstly I’m not a dude. Secondly hey that’s cool

If you distinguish between a gem and a stone received from The King, you are not a man of the path! If you’re pleased with the gem and disappointed by a stone, you have no interest, then, in The King.
—  Farīduddīn Attār

anonymous said:

I pop an ungodly amount of xanax all the time. I haven't eaten in 3 days. Life is weird.

haha dudde im prescribed xanax you’re blacking the fuck out rn, why havent you eaten? i usually get hungry on xanax and eat a bunch of unhealthy delicious shit. you can come off of anon if you need some help, i wont post it