Jason Todd have selective Post cognition or able to see ghosts?

With all that Jason has been thrown into since birth.

Crap parents which later end up dead. Life on the streets for god knows how long and what happened to him before Bruce/Batman found him. Had a good few years with Bruce and Alfred. Killed by Joker. Dead for 6 months, (We have no idea what happened to him in the afterlife.) Some how came back and he can’t remember how or why. Walked around with brain damage, before found by Talia, who pushed him into the pit. “Fixing” him. Talia drops Jason off to the All Caste. He was hurt and mad, but the leader of the All Caste believed that Jason could be saved. 

Now, I think with being with the All Caste, Jason learned a lot of things. I think he may have gotten the ability to see the dead from his little stint of being dead. But maybe seeing the past was an ability Ducra may have taught Jason, as an extension of his ability to see other things people can’t. Because from the Get go, no one but Jason could see Essence. (Kori even commented on it and Roy said something along the lines that everyone has their “thing”. For Jason, it was like talking to his “imaginary girlfriend” or something…lol)

When Jason went to the All Caste homeland, to find Ducra dead, he was speaking to her soul. She told him what happened. 

Now, in RHTO 18, Jason “saw” himself as a child in bed. Like, a memory he could push “play” and watch it happen again and again. 

In the RHTO 19 preview, Jason is in a coma, already lost in a “dream world.” But also I could see the “out of body experience” happening, because Jason is talking, yet he is aware that Bruce and Alfred are at his bedside and that Jason himself is in the Manor. (I will get more insight when I get it tomorrow.)

I’ll do a whole picture thing later….