Lovely Lady seeking Gent - 35 (belmont)

age : 35 body : curvy height : 5’5” (165cm)ethnicity : prefer caucasian education : plusstatus : single likes : dogs and curvesage : 19 to 42

Hiya Guys,
I’m looking for a man with his ducks in a row. I’m an adult - 35, single (never married), no children, 2 dogs, not skinny, funny, white, loving, drama free lady who likes to white water raft, read, garden and bike. I enjoy many things and you’ll have to ask to know. I’m not looking for sex. (thanks anyway) I’m looking for a man who is kind and wants a relationship. Of course, we’ll just talk first - if we don’t click not a prob. 

No smokers 
No drunks
No druggies
No felons
No guys who live at home with their parents
No children (I don’t need the baby mama drama - and there always is drama)
No married or separated guys
No moochers

YES to the man who sees more than just my pic and has the smarts to make contact.

femmejasontodd asked:

are you okay? you've been gone for a while.

I took a bit of an unannounced break from this Tumblr account to focus on college, activism and art. I’ve been up to a lot.

I created a resource blog for religious Trans people and brought on admins to continue to run it, finally decided to go back to an old ask blog I made to have fun, and have been getting my ducks in a row on the internet to have an appealing resume and portfolio of my artwork.

I graduate college by the end of next year — two years tops should I get screwed over if a class I need is not offered — and have been working hard to prepare myself so the transition from in college to not in college. I already work as a freelance graphic designer, so I do not think the transition will be odd in that sense but rather there is a lot I do right now that I have not found an equivalent for in adulthood. I’m part of a lot of college specific activism committees, including a student advisory council which we have gotten gender-inclusive housing for next year, are working on a preferred name policy, and will be researching to see if we can get transgender inclusive health insurance here or at the very least provide it on campus / this side of the state.

I also used Tumblr less because I was turned off by its “culture” to say. There are a lot of people who found it acceptable to misgender me, deny me my sexual orientation (bisexual), and more due to not agreeing with my opinion on something. Its something I didn’t care for. I disagree with people all the time outside of this website, but at the end of the day we make up because there’s a recognition that we’re part of the same queer community — on Tumblr, there is none of that. In real life and on Facebook in this genderpunk group I am in, we fight and disagree but we also would fight for each other to exist. On Tumblr, the lack of that is a turnoff for me. I’m more of the “Hey I may disagree on how to achieve something, but I can relate to your cause (or you’re like me) and so hey SOLIDARITY”.

I’m going to visit Seattle for Spring break to visit my partner, so that’ll be fun. Next year, I am going to be visiting New York City to tour graphic design studios with my college. I want to move to NYC or Chicago, partially since they require health insurance to cover transgender-related healthcare, but also because I hear a lot more stories about solidarity there. I want to remain active in fighting tooth and nail in the fight for justice.

I’ve contemplated coming back to this blog, but when? I guess today, since I logged on. Then the next question is how long should I come back? I guess until I am satisfied with my greener pastures, but this pasture is pretty green itself since I’ve met so many great people, had great debates, and networked with a lot of artists and created some pretty cool collaborations.

Donut Bun 2 Ways | Ducks In A Row

If you’re like me, then it’s necessary to pull your hair back when you’re working. I can’t stand my hair being in my face - it distracts me and I can’t do anything until I’ve pulled it up! But then you fall into the old same ‘do day in day out. Well here’s a great tutorial on how to do a gorgeous bun that will take you from day to night. For work, try the ‘regal’ bun, then before you leave for drinks/dates/fun, take it out, tease it up and re-pin for a ‘I didn’t try too hard but still look fab’ look!

I'm a Chronic Goodie-Two-Shoes

And I tie both laces neatly in bows. My nails are not often polished, but when they are, it’s two layers and a top coat. Shoulders back, chin up, even when seated. I take black teas with honey and cream.

Did I forget to mention that my shoes are steel-toe Harley Davidson’s?

The mythical 'ducks in a row' theory...

… It’s a borderline bust…. There’s always a plan that everybody believes they should follow. Yet there are factors that can  seriously throw a spanner in the works without your say so. ‘No guts, no glory” they keep yelling at the top of their lungs … But what if those guts are yours being ripped out whilst you’re wide-eyed conscious of exactly whats going on. Then confidently, you stride along with pride firmly stamped on your shoulders, what comes out of your lips, “Yeah ‘I’ did it cause i wanted to”.

No you didn’t! Your life was actually quite mapped out right down to your sex, under the direction and maintenance of the folks. So when finally you become familiar with the word known as  “SENSE”, you suddenly have a wonderful epiphany and realize what you’re actually doing is nothing close to what you enjoy at all, let alone want to do for the rest of your life. But it feels like you’re actually stuck twiddling your thumbs in a position in which you have absolutely borderline, NO control of it at all. It finally clicks, “My ducks are really not in line and i have absolutely  no clue what ai want to do, let alone where to start over”. Although as the good shrinks say…. acceptance is way better than denial…

Yeah right, only cause dear shrink was forced into a big chair and given a title…

If you’re lucky enough maybe your parents will give you a wider birth of options in life and not restrict you to what they think would be a good idea or better yet. what they Hope for you to achieve… of course using the guilt card and silently emphasizing how proud they would be if YOU DID SOMETHING YOU DETEST. Here’s an idea, why not send the shrinks to the folks lol…

It would really be nice to know in advance that, those ducks or rather plans you have for your future won’t really happen as you’d imagine they would. It would be great to realize that there will ALWAYS be a catch to whatever happens in your life, only you have to be positive enough to realize that, you create your own destiny. Then perhaps it would be great to realize one really important detail, fairy-tales sometimes can come true, just not in the package you optimally wished for because, PERFECTION, doesn’t exist. There will always be hidden crack or an unseen flaw. Finally, life is just full of tests and funny enough that one quote, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? That quote really did have a point….

Cause the next time around you won’t be so gullible to the idea of being thrown under the bus, ‘gang ho’ an all that jazz…


Charlie & Duncan | 2.14

"There’s been a little delay."