Donut Bun 2 Ways | Ducks In A Row

If you’re like me, then it’s necessary to pull your hair back when you’re working. I can’t stand my hair being in my face - it distracts me and I can’t do anything until I’ve pulled it up! But then you fall into the old same ‘do day in day out. Well here’s a great tutorial on how to do a gorgeous bun that will take you from day to night. For work, try the 'regal’ bun, then before you leave for drinks/dates/fun, take it out, tease it up and re-pin for a 'I didn’t try too hard but still look fab’ look!

I'm a Chronic Goodie-Two-Shoes

And I tie both laces neatly in bows. My nails are not often polished, but when they are, it’s two layers and a top coat. Shoulders back, chin up, even when seated. I take black teas with honey and cream.

Did I forget to mention that my shoes are steel-toe Harley Davidson’s?

The mythical 'ducks in a row' theory...

… It’s a borderline bust…. There’s always a plan that everybody believes they should follow. Yet there are factors that can  seriously throw a spanner in the works without your say so. ‘No guts, no glory" they keep yelling at the top of their lungs … But what if those guts are yours being ripped out whilst you’re wide-eyed conscious of exactly whats going on. Then confidently, you stride along with pride firmly stamped on your shoulders, what comes out of your lips, “Yeah 'I’ did it cause i wanted to”.

No you didn’t! Your life was actually quite mapped out right down to your sex, under the direction and maintenance of the folks. So when finally you become familiar with the word known as  “SENSE”, you suddenly have a wonderful epiphany and realize what you’re actually doing is nothing close to what you enjoy at all, let alone want to do for the rest of your life. But it feels like you’re actually stuck twiddling your thumbs in a position in which you have absolutely borderline, NO control of it at all. It finally clicks, “My ducks are really not in line and i have absolutely  no clue what ai want to do, let alone where to start over”. Although as the good shrinks say…. acceptance is way better than denial…

Yeah right, only cause dear shrink was forced into a big chair and given a title…

If you’re lucky enough maybe your parents will give you a wider birth of options in life and not restrict you to what they think would be a good idea or better yet. what they Hope for you to achieve… of course using the guilt card and silently emphasizing how proud they would be if YOU DID SOMETHING YOU DETEST. Here’s an idea, why not send the shrinks to the folks lol…

It would really be nice to know in advance that, those ducks or rather plans you have for your future won’t really happen as you’d imagine they would. It would be great to realize that there will ALWAYS be a catch to whatever happens in your life, only you have to be positive enough to realize that, you create your own destiny. Then perhaps it would be great to realize one really important detail, fairy-tales sometimes can come true, just not in the package you optimally wished for because, PERFECTION, doesn’t exist. There will always be hidden crack or an unseen flaw. Finally, life is just full of tests and funny enough that one quote, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? That quote really did have a point….

Cause the next time around you won’t be so gullible to the idea of being thrown under the bus, 'gang ho’ an all that jazz…

Ducks In A Row

The proverbial term getting one’s ducks in a row being followed by ducks in a row. A few theories exist as to the terms origin , one being early bowling pins were called ducks and were manually set up so getting them properly set up was getting your ducks in a row. Another more nature focused theory is that ducks do indeed follow each other in a row as a means to quickly recognize any outside invader entering their group.  No matter the origin the meaning is the same, attending to all the details of a task and getting everything set up right.  o< o<o<

Ducks in a Row | Rylan // Titus

It smelled heavenly in here, enticing the man to walk in with his nose held high, and a deep breath pulling through his lungs. Rylan enjoyed Titus’ cigars. Most of London smoked his products over other merchants, but Rylan appreciated the art that went into it. Hand rolled, detailed as his toys were. He believed that every person had a calling of sorts. Whether that be to fight for the king, or to hull hay from barns. Every job had its ups and downs, but when you were able to do something you honestly loved it showed.

“Hey, it’s Rylan!” He called out, dripping in a cheerfulness that he carried naturally when in social settings. Dragging his knuckles along the counter until he was standing in front of the man. "New batch?“ he asked with a wide smile, breathing in the tobacco around the pair. Rylan would have no clue how to create such aroma’s like Titus could, and he found he wanted to sit and watch the man work to learn how.

"Oh I brought you something,” Rylan said chuckling at his joke before he had a chance to reel it in. He didn’t mean to ruthlessly tease the man but how could he not? Titus needed a little bright yellow in his life. Rylan’s lean fingers dove into the brown leather satchel glued to his hip. Rummaging through a couple other things he was working on his walk into town, and slid the lemon wooden duck onto the table. Moving it like it was waddling across the edge.

“Quack,” he couldn’t resist saying knowing Titus one of these days might just kill him to rid him of the small toys he always left around his shop. “Come on, its cute, fits in perfect with all the others…" The man looked around, feinting shock with a grip to his chest. "You wound me, where are all my creations?”

Rylan knew the man either had them all stashed away in a trunk that he might light on fire one day, or he honestly had them kept way because he secretly liked the brightly colored toys. Either way, he wouldn’t ever ask, never needing to about his toys. Once he passed them on they led their own little journey from there.