Hello everyone!  Not many news again since i have been updating more frequently.  Gonna be driving my mother around this weekend since she still her arm broken. Also my sister went on vacations for a week and i am in charge of taking care of her hordes of cats (she is a crazy cat lady by the way). Things are rather noisy at my place since one particular really misses her and won’t stop crying all night looking for her. ;_;  Have fun on easter! ^^

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anonymous asked:

is it bad for ducks to be alone? my Pekin duck lives alone (all his burst friends were hawk dinner). he loves me more than anything but I still worry he lives a life of depression. what do you think?

I do not believe that many or any of the mods have experieince with ducks and I am not sure either. Sorry for the disappointing reply but I wanted to put it out to our followers who may have more experience.

Does anyone know any informational duck blogs Anon could turn to? Anyone have the answers for Anon?

Thank you all!

Jacie (words on birds)