Think they ever have meetings about DuBulge
  • SM:And now to Lee Jinki
  • SM:Uh....your penis was too big again this week
  • Jinki:I...um.......
  • SM:You almost put a cameraman's eye out.
  • Jinki:
  • SM:
  • Jinki:
  • SM:
  • Jinki:
  • SM:So, we've flown in the top designers to make you these pants. We had the measurments altered that your crotch area is given more room.
  • Jinki:O...kay
  • SM:God I hope this works
  • Next Week's Meeting
  • SM:It did not work
  • Taemin:
  • Jonghyun:
  • Kibum:
  • Minho:*smirks*
  • Jinki:I'm sorry?
  • SM:Add like a fabric scarf in the front. Looser pants.
  • SM:God I hope this works
  • Next Week's Meeting
  • SM:*Sigh* You tripped the MC this time, Jinki.
  • SM:Can we tape it down?
  • Cordi Noonas:It WAS taped down
  • SM:Put him in a skirt.
  • SM:God I hope this works

You WILL want to enlarge this….Ok two things about this…..First: the curves on Jinki’s body is just the most hypnotic thing i have ever seen on a man. LOOK at his hip and waist!!!!Second: well do i even have to say it? that being able to see the exact outline of his junk is just perfection. I adjusted the exposure just a tad to make everything  more….defined ;D and OHMYGOD….just…..Dubu Ottoke!?

anonymous asked:

If Jinki had to wear on type of pants for the rest of his life what would you want them to be? ex skinny jeans, sweats, pajama pants etc

honestly, it doesnt matter to me. i mean he can wear anything and dat dick is gonna be all up in your face (dont i wish).

baggy pants

skinny jeans

optical illusion jeans


even under a blanket

but my personal fave is sweat pants aka sweet pants

its poetry in motion

Things you’ll never hear a MVP say:

“Rock of Ages was not a sexy time for Onew”

“aw, what a tiny penis”

“Yuck, Onew’s thighs.”

“He should not wear glasses again. It’s so unattractive.”

“He has such a dull smile.”

“I’d never kiss those puny lips.”

“Put your shirt back on.”


“My ovaries are still intact”