On his iD.EOLOGY debut, the "Durban Chamber" LP, Dubsalon pays his very own tribute to the echo and infuses his rich and juicy psy-dub beats with elements from dubstep, funk, electronica, hiphop, downbeat and lounge. Shimmering with slick production, his tracks oscillate inbetween full-on and far-out, turning an abundance of musical detail into an equally relaxed, rousing and reality-bending overall listening experience.

DJ Saetchmo, bass-loving resident of the Berlin #tassebier posse and host of his very own weekly Echochamber show, has put his mixing-mind and -digits to Dubsalon’s tracks and has tweaked them into a mindboggling 30 minutes of trippy dubby goodness. And that mix is of course also part of the package which we have prepared for you this time.

Dubsalon - Durban Chamber - free CD - full-phat dub

There are the typical dubby vocal samples spread through the album, but essentially the album is instrumental. Although staying true to dub throughout, Dubsalon plays with dubstep, downbeat, electronica and jazzy influences. Yes, there’s harmonica, yes there are bleeps and echos, but this is true “magpie music”, and every track brings in a new influence.

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Official remix…

BUDS KRU ft. Jahfa Culture - Babylon Walls EP

Original mix + remixes, versions and dubmixes 10” maxi singles by:

Jah Billah
HiFi Champion
Kenny Roots
Daniel Asher
Bass Ul Ulema

Mastered by: Dubsalon
Forthcoming Dub & Roll Records, 2014.