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This Argentinian doesn’t bother with genre purity.

Consider the lovechild: Addison Groove’s Fuk Tha 101 and Joy Orbison’s Sicko Cell. Tight, chopped, bouncing vocals and an evil, cryptic atmosphere are woven into a danceable fabric that leaves you still feeling like a thug.

He was recently seen on Ministry of Sound’s Adventures in Dubstep 2 alongside TLS favorites Lunice, Rustie, and Africa Hitech. He’s also got a genre-bending free EP on Disboot.  This guy’s putting in work.

Today’s track will be featured on DubKraft Records forthcoming compilation Inspired By Summer, of which I can only imagine the musical spectrum. Keep your eyes and ears open for this well-traveled man on his SoundCloud, and as always:


"Cinematic Bass Music" Is Back!

After Cinematic Dubstep, Cinematic Drum’n’Bass, Cinematic Bass Music 1 and a three years long break, DubKraft Records’ most acclaimed series is back with more music for the films in your head. 

Cinematic Bass Music - Video Trailer 1 by Silviu Costinescu (Alien Pimp)
Music by Evan If


a sweet beat by dimito from the forthcoming dubkraft ep, from spain with love. longing to dive deep in a summer sea, don’t we?

Cinematic Bass Music Vol.2. by DubKraft

After Cinematic Dubstep, Cinematic Drum’n’Bass, Cinematic Bass Music 1 and a three years long break, DubKraft Records’ most acclaimed series is back with more music for the films in your head. No less than 20 tracks and about just as many artists, some surprise collaborations and remixes and a lot of trippy bassy vibes, all made as affordable as possible, that’s what Cinematic Bass Music 2 is about.

Support one of the most creative, trippy and affordable albums you’ll hear all year! :)

Buy on Beatport

note: the official label website is spreading virus atm, please do not click to get there!!!!

Back Catalog Update In Our Mp3 Shop


Re-experience the DubKraft classics (many remastered), by the likes of HxdB, Terry Artovsky, Asusu, Loxy, Alien Pimp, Nuage, Lokiboi, Marginal, Cooh, Skyence, Nehuen, Ena, Edoc and many many more!
Ridiculous prices for ridiculous quality, more to come!
Ah, and the previews are full, so you don’t pay for listening, just for downloads or simply because you want to support our efforts! ;)
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Fictive - Democrazilla! - Official Trailer (DubKraft Rec)
Democrazilla scared the money out of you!

My new video, still in the works.
Dedicated to all the freedom fighters around the world, with a special nod to our friends in Turkey and Spain.
Used original footage from the Istanbul protests in 2013.

Fictive linkage:

DubKraft Records:

DubKraft TV:

"Be an activist, not a fictivist!" Fictive

Watch on

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Alien Pimp’s 3rd album “Escape From Planet Tardia”, click here for full previews!

It comes packed with so many crazy offers and ideas you need to read about!

First a message from the artist, also the head of operations at DubKraft:

This year i’ve decided to step up a notch and bring every fan and supporter something really unique and personalized, the most authentic thing you can hold!
I’m just gonna make with my own hands CUSTOM CD/DVD copies of my newest music album for everyone that wants one!
All at a lower price than the industrial equivalent product, the lowest price i can make without being a total sucker.
Yes, that’s right!

I have the tools, the skills and the ideas needed to build something of quality and neat looking, different and customised for each and every fan. CLICK HERE for a few photos of some releases and prototypes i made before, or i had some other major contribution to their creation.

I think this is the most direct and honest way to deal with the current state of affairs in industrialized art and in a media meant only to create marketable stereotypes. I want to tune in directly to my peers and deliver them something they will cherish, not something easily disposable.

Let’s rock this and have FUN!   
It’s al about having fun doing the right thing, at the end of the day.
Many thanks for supporting!”

Alien Pimp / DubKraft Records

So this is how it goes, it’s really simple and straightforward:

1. Purchase the Physical Bundle of this double album from the DubKraft Records website and you can instantly download the mp3 version of the album + 4 bonus tracks!
2. Then you have to message Alien Pimp on Facebook with a copy of the receipt and a few words about you, or about the person the CD/DVD is for, if it’s a gift (very advisable!) >
You also need to specify what format you prefer: 2x Audio CDR / 1xDVDR, name and shipping address.

Based on your message, Alien Pimp will design and build a CUSTOM UNIQUE PACKAGE that will contain this double album + 4 bonus tracks, 26 in total!!
If you choose the DVD format, you will also get extra goodies for the same price: videos, high res artworks for quality printing, mixes etc. The package will contain a personal dedication and autograph.

As mad it may seem, it’s also true: FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE !!!

We’ve just started taking pre-orders, first shipping is scheduled for 11th of December!

just an example pack

If you are only interested in the digital release only, it’s available now in OUR SHOP too. Still a great deal, but it contains only 22 tracks.

Purchasing from the DubKraft website makes it possible for you to pay less and for us to receive more.
All the funds will support new beatiful projects, releases and ideas created together with some crazy-good artists that deserve love and we’d love to push forward.

We made the album available for streaming in full from so you can know exactly what you’re dealing with, which is basically a very diverse range of electronic bass music, 25 unique tracks + 1 interlude, no fillers.
On the website, each track comes with an illustration and sometimes excerpts of written word by Alien Pimp.There’s also three official videos already made, possibly a fourth one coming up, so it’s going to be a multidimesional trip. ;)

If you like our work and vibe but you can’t provide material support, you can still be of great help with just a few clicks, either by inviting your friends to our facebook pages, or by sharing this post.

Thank You!

Vice premieres the first FFO video installment: Crowd Control "Airbow" !


We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of first music video: Airbow by Romanian indie-electronica fusion band Crowd Control!
Hosted by Vice Romania (if you can read Romanian, HERE is the link), the launch gives everyone a signal both the band and the label are up to big things in the coming months, with an EP launch late November, an appearance on Romanian national television, many gigs and some more surprises.
The track and the visuals deal with a stringent problem: finding color and personality in an amorphic world, where the individual is reduced to a livestock condition and imagination seems to be the only escape.
The video, as well as the sound mixing and mastering, are the work of the FFO/DubKraft head Silviu Costinescu (aka Alien Pimp), with support from Pyramid Studio and Ileana Szasz from Bucharest.
We’ll follow up with more goodies soon, stay tuned!

The Last Hero & Dyl - Overlords & Pipelines

In 2013 we witnessed a quick raise form the depths of Romanian underground of one of our early discoveries - Dyl. He’s got attention, signings and releases from long line of respected labels: CX, Break-Fast, Nurtured, Tytanium Armour, Rawganics, Dust, to name but a few… In 2014 we’ll see him established as a reliable source of creativity for the ever hungry bass music scene.
2013 found The Last Hero already enjoying the much deserved respect after a stream of constant quality tunage for Architecture, Cylon, CX and Broken Audio. In 2014 we will notice a new creative energy and a further consolidation of the British duo. No need to imagine the devastating force of the two combined in an EP, because DubKraft delivers it on 21st of April 2014, exclusive from this website at first, then available from all good online shops.
170 bpm bass music is the game here, but it’s played by their own rules by these young renegades.


Dimito - Entierro EP available Feb 27 2014 from

Video by Diego Iñiguez (Big thanks!)
Costumes: Carmen Triñanes
Actor: Agata Zdziarska