Yay Finally the english version of Binks Sake is out. I uploaded it since I can not find another copy.


I haven’t done a fandub in quite some time!!

Here is mine and Crysis fandub of a scene from the third episode of LOVE STAGE!! I hope you guys like it!

dragonthorku asked:

Saw last Anime question on Dubbed and Subbed Jax so I have to ask are there any dubs out there you think completely surpass the japanese and are there any Dubs you think are utterly horrible?

hmmm well like I said in last answer

The Monster Rancher Dub and the 4Kids One Piece made me go “WTF am I watching, I liked this as a kid this is atrocious”

But there are tons of Anime I used to watch as a kid where the acting in the dub was REALLY REALLY CHEESY and ehhhhhh at times. some examples include

Sailor Moon




Dragonball Z (early ginyu to frieza saga dubbing by funi)


Now I’ll be the first one to tell ya if you came up to me and were like “Hey Jax wanna marathon the 1st 2 seasons of Digimon english dubbed again?” I will order 2 Pizzas and we will marathon that, just cause I F**KIN LOVE DIGIMON

Rewatching Digimon and Pokemon on Netflix for Nostalgia is awesome, but I do see the corn factor of it lol. I still enjoy it but thats my childish nostalgia kicking in haha

Yugioh and Sailor moon are the same way. They are still really poor in dubbing quality but I enjoyed them as a kid so I can continue watching them today.

Shows that I think are much better in the English Dub than the japanese even though I do love both versions

 I would have say

Cowboy Bebop

Space Dandy


Yu Yu Hakusho

and Panty and Stocking




I fandubbed a scene from “Ouran High School Host Club” with my friend Neiowna! Hope you like it!!

Tamaki: NipahDUBS
Honey: Neiowna


[MST3K - Santa Claus]

Experiment’s Highlights: Pitch, the host songs, the “be obedient” conformist message of the experiment, scary Santa, & MST3K commercials! A classic for the ages..?

Early Mike Era with the Mads, Forrester & TV’s Frank.

coshenkulover asked:

Jax, something came across my mind. Which do you prefer? English dubbed anime or English subbed anime. Or do you prefer both, because you dont care if its either one. You just wanna see some ass kicking anime?

I think I’ve answered this before but I don’t mind

Personally for me I enjoy both the Original Japanese and English Dubbed the majority of the time. But when I start watching a new series I always start with the English Dubbed. Now I Love the Original Japanese but I just feel I can get more of bond between me and the characters when they speak a language I understand

. Also growing up and watching anime all the shows I saw first before the Japanese were always English dubbed.

Also I have to say it really depends on the situation as well. For example some shows are dubbed horribly and cheesy and are really censored down because they are being marketed for children. Ex
One Piece by 4kids and Monster Rancher.

But some shows start having crappy/cheesy dubbing and then begin to overcome it.
Hell I’m a huge fan of Dragonball Z but when Funimation first started dubbing it in the Ginyu and Frieza saga, some lines made you go “what the fuck?”

. The Naruto dub was the same way. The first episodes were ehh but when they got to Shippuden and the Ninja Storm games they really pulled it together.

 And some shows are cheesy and different experiences from the japanese but Ill love them for Nostalgia. Ex. Pokemon and Digimon

Also if anything is dubbed by Funimation I will watch it and have no fear because they’ve all been doing this for years and I find them to be competent actors and most of the shows they’ve done happen to be my personal favorite animes.

But hey I love both for what they are and I can enjoy either anytime of day

TLDR: I Love both but ill start with the english dub if it has one