Surf Motel - Santa Rosa, New Mexico

ON U.S. Highways 66-53 & 84…West of SANTA ROSA, NEW MEXICO
Telephone: Code 505…472-3401…Heated Pool…50 Units….Free TV in all rooms….Room telephones, 24 Hour Service…Ceramic tiled baths, with tub & shower combination…Safe electric heat…On the bank of the Pecos River
H.D. McAda & F.G. Allen, owners & operators
Carte Blanche, The Diners’ Club & American Express all accepted
Member of the Best Western Motels.

Love Vigilantes

I tried the DualView feature of Nvidia or Windows (whichever bleh) where you can do different shit using two monitors at the same time, and found it very useful. Especially in programming where you can just open and switch among a billion tabs with just a swift head movement. I can now watch two movies at the same time. Or play LOTRO while browsing the net. Or 


Bonjour voici enfin mon bureau dans mon nouvel appartement.

Pour le moment, je n’ai pas tout le mobilier qu’il me faut alors mes deux Iron Man (Hot Toys) vont rester sur mon bureau.

Pareil pour mes affiches et posters, il faut que je commande de nouveau cadres.

Je ferais de nouvelles photos dès que je recevrais ma nouvelle chaise.

Bonne journée ;)

NVIDIA control panel “dualview” problem

Originally posted on March 27, 2010, 2:18 am

Is the “Dualview” option not showing on your NVIDIA control panel?

Short answer: Restart your computer.

Explanation: I have two monitors that I was trying use with my computer, and I encountered a particular problem. I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3 with NVIDIA graphics. I tried to set up the monitors in a primary/secondary configuration, allowing each monitor to have a different resolution, and my task bar to fill one screen. I had a problem because despite the help literature describing the option, I had no ability to select “Dualview”. After searching the web for a solution, some more brutal than others, I tried a simple one. It was suggested that I restart my computer. The reason being that the NVIDIA control panel or my operating system can’t detect both my monitors at a low level unless the operating system is started with both of the monitors connected. Since I didn’t plug in the monitor until after the system was up and running, it hadn’t been started with both monitors. Restarting the computer fixed this problem because it allowed the operating system to detect both monitors at start up.