Dualizing is up for businezz!

((Turtlez-mun here. Dualizing is finally here! Feel free to send in any picture of 2 different items (doesn’t have to be an item from in-game) and Dark Turtlez will dualize them. He doesn’t follow the conventional rules of dualizing so there are an infinite amount of combinations and it’s your job to find them! Happy dualizing!))

"I may not like the bozz and the other Turtlez but I still lovez me some dualizing! For all those first time dualizers I thought I would show an example." 

"It is common knowledge that when you dualize Hot Coffee 




 Iced Coffee


the resulting product iz 


LLoyd Irving

Tales of Graces f glitch

Does anyone else have trouble with their Dualize screen freezing up?  It’s happened to me 3 times so far.  The first two times, I was able to get out of the shop by pressing L1 and/or R1 to switch to a new category, and then O to exit.  But since I’m dualizing weapons and there is only one weapon I can dualize with, all of the other categories are blank, and so I can’t exit?  ARGH I guess I’ll have to start saving my game before I dualize.  All of my morning’s gaming work so far is about to be gone.  ;___;


So things I’m loving about Graces so far

  • the CC system is fun but it makes spellcasting REALLY tedious so i just tend not to play as mages (loud sad noises, they’re my faVORITES)
  • i love everyone’s character. except hubert. but i know he redeems himself so i don’t hate him. (plus i understand his motivations)
  • the eleth mixer is really nice! cooking in-battle is hella useful

Things I’m not loving about Graces

  • noooot a fan of the super linear overworld, but i’m heading to strahta so i think that changes

overall i’m really loving this game

IDB approves N58bn loan for Niger government

Islamic Development Bank has approved N58 billion loan to Niger State government to dualize Minna-Bida road and integrate Quaranic and Western education in the state.

Alhaji Muazu Bawa, the state commissioner for Works and Infrastructural Development disclosed this on Thursday during a press briefing at the Government House, Minna.

“Since three years ago we have been discoursing with IDB on how to secure loan for the dualization of Minna-Bida road and integration of Quaranic and Western education in the state.

“After the submission of our proposals, the bank approved N38 billion and N19 billion respectively for the dualization of Minna-Bida road and integration of Quranic and Western education,” he said.

Bawa said the state government and IDB would finalize agreement on how to disburse the loan next month.

He explained that the loans are payable in 25 years, adding that the bank asked for detailed feasibility study of the road before the signing of agreement.

The commissioner said the state government has fully paid the N6 billion bonds it collected in 2012 for road projects in the state.

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Hmmm. I’m pretty positive I had a dream with NiGHTS related things in it, but I think NiGHTS and i didn’t get along well (or at least I didn’t get along with him) and i refused to save him and dualize with him when we were trapped and i went off to the dream world alone.

thetroublesomefoxwithissues said:

I personally like the egg alarm more. Granted I've never played JoD (yet) but awakers seem kinda terrifying from what I saw in playthroughs. I much prefer the freedom to explore the egg alarm gives.

Thank you<3 They let you explore waaaaay more of the Nightopia without much restriction, which makes it fun to just goof around as the kids and take in more of the pretty environments.

Granted, JoD has invisible walls that kind of prevent Will and Helen from going too far, but maaaan I would’ve loved to explore their Nightopias more before Dualizing with NiGHTS. Plus it would have been fun to do a “kids only” run for the shits and giggles.