The story of the Hannibal Season 3 teaser trailer: “I Forgive You”

Our minds can concoct all sorts of scenarios when we don’t want to believe something. We construct fairy tales. And we accept them.

Is forgiveness a fairy tale?

From its start, Hannibal has been a fairy tale concocted by Will and Hannibal both, with each offering the other friendship in one outstretched hand. But it’s never wise to deal with the fair folk, and each palmed betrayal in his other hand. 

And now the deceptions have spent themselves, the betrayals ended, and the two men are apart and adrift.

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the way death is absolutely inherently part of viennese culture is such a nice and calming thing to know. like did you know that vienna has the only cemetery just for people who committed suicide? it is at a place where many people who killed themselves by jumping into the danube turned up, most of whom were buried immediately. it is called the cemetery of the nameless. 1840 the first person was buried there, and by 1900, thanks to the help of the workers union, it became an official cemetery. the last person was buried either 1940 or 53, since then they get buried at another cemetery. every coffin was donated by a carpenter. until 1996 there was a voluntary undertaker, josef fuchs, who gave every grave a cross and statue of jesus and took great care of the graveyard. every year at all souls a float of flowers is set free on the danube with flowers, candles and a gravestone with a dedication “to all the victims of the danube” and the plea to help the float carry on should it get stuck, in german, english, czech and hungarian. 

man I love vienna sometimes, yes people are among the most unfriendliest you will ever meet, but honestly they do care, in a very quiet very dignified manner. 

COME WALK WITH MEa playlist for the cannibal and his (former) psychiastrist

01. (do you wanna) come walk with me? - mark lanegan & isobel campbell 02. dinner for two - david byrne & st. vincent 03. do i wanna know? - hozier 04. toxic - yael naim 05. light my fire - shirley bassey 06. lie down here (and be my girl) - nick cave & the bad seeds 07. u should know better - robyn ft snoop dogg 08. devil inside - london grammar 09. you cast a spell on me - rykarda parasol 10. turn it on - peaches


Anna Lang’s Portraits-Writers (H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Baudelaire)
Contrary to what you may assume, I am not a pessimist but an indifferentist— that is, I don’t make the mistake of thinking that the… cosmos… gives a damn one way or the other about the especial wants and ultimate welfare of mosquitoes, rats, lice, dogs, men, horses, pterodactyls, trees, fungi, dodos, or other forms of biological energy.  ~ H.P. Lovecraft, Lovecraft’s Letters
In this regards, my friend, you’re like the public, to whom one should never offer a delicate perfume. It exasperates them. Give them only carefully selected garbage. ~Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen