Meet my Grandma. She’s the toughest lady I know and getting to spend a lot of time with her growing up has no doubt helped to shape me into the person I am today. By her example, she passed on her passion for horses, nature, God and family to me. 

She’s 93 now, and she’s had Alzheimer’s for a long time. I’ve lost more of her than I’ve ever gotten to know, but the woman I know and love will always be in my heart and the way I live my life. 

She grew up dirt poor on a farm during the great depression, worked hard to make a home for her husband and six children, never complained, and loved God with all her heart. She strove always to be a person of strength and character.

She can’t remember these things anymore, but I will never forget as long as I live.

Now the doctors are saying it isn’t looking good and there is talk of putting her on hospice care soon. So I rode Dixie down to the memory care facility where she lives, hoping to cheer her up, because horses were always her great passion. She didn’t say much, but she told me I had a pretty horse and she enjoyed getting to pet her. 

It breaks my heart as I write this, but I just wanted to share a little bit about the person who has had such a significant impact on my life. I’m grateful every day for having had the privilege to call her family. I can only hope that I live my life as well, as fully and as she has. 


Witch Series : Witches who practice Black Magic.

Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. With respect to the left-hand path and right-hand path dichotomy, black magic is the malicious counterpart of benevolent white magic. In modern times, some find that the definition of “black magic” has been convoluted by people who define magic or ritualistic practices that they disapprove of as “black magic”.