On the subject of the Collins Family scandals:

Roger: My  son tried to kill me !

Liz: Boys will be boys.

(sweep, sweep, sweep)

Roger : Bill Malloy’s death was an accident !

Liz:  Of course it was.


Ben Stokes : Master Barnabas is dead?

Joshua Collins: No, he went to England.

(sweep, sweep, sweep)


dark shadows (2012) vs. dark shadows (1966)


the au that essentially makes up my existence | upon investigating the death and subsequent disappearance of laura murdoch collins (died by fire), dale cooper’s search leads him to collinsport, maine - where he finds her very much alive.

"In the double life of Jonathan ‘Barnabas’ Frid, there’s a perfectly real person and a rather strange television personality. I’m afraid there’s no secret date book in my real life, but what ‘Barnabas Collins’ would do fascinates me! So I’m going to become ‘Barnabas’ for awhile and share my secret date with you!

If you’re a regular Dark Shadows watcher, you know what’s in store. In my secret date book, there’s a lovely room. Once, long ago, it was filled with the sound of ‘Josette’s Theme.’ There are long, elegant candles on a perfectly set-up, small dining table. Beautiful china plates are surrounded by hand-cut sterling for the perfect dinner of ‘Barnabas’ and ‘Josette.’

Since - in my secret date book, you are ‘Josette’ - I see you walk into the room. Your hair is held by a bouquet of lovely flowers, from which long curls tumble. Your dress is a soft pastel satin edged with hand-made lace. You move softly and silently, we look at each other and there is no need for either of us to speak. I slide my chair back a bit and see that you are seated comfortably, and then I take my place across from you. 

As our music box plays the song we love so much, we toast each other with our wine glasses. And soon we’re lost in the look of love that shines from one another’s eyes. Before our secret date is over, we have waltzed around the room together many times. We’ve walked out on the balcony and watched the full moon rise. I’ve held you close in my arms and felt your soft lips pressed against mine. Well, I suppose my secret date is very much like a ‘dream.’ But somehow I don’t mind that at all - because I think it’s a perfectly marvelous dream and - who knows? - one day it may come true!


i’ll burn before you bury me ↪ angelique/laura

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the coffin could be hers. that’s what barnabas wants. and she sees herself, rising up from the narrow box, flowers pressed into her dark hair - the very ones she’d meant to give barnabas only minutes before. and now barnabas has been her murderer.

the flowers are dead now, all signs of life drained from them as from her. victoria does not seem to mind, not in this dream, she does not think. but suddenly victoria has lept from her coffin and pinned barnabas to the staircase wall. her teeth are bared - fangs, victoria sees - and barnabas has his hand around her throat. he does not mean to kill her, not again, but victoria knows that somehow it would have no effect. she is already dead. she cannot be killed again.

( breath of life on ao3 )

Josette was upset when the Jeremiah she fell in love with in
Martinique transformed into a cold, uncaring man. On their wedding
night he claimed his marital rights and then left her alone and
confused. He visited her nightly until she informed him she was with
child. There were days when she hardly saw him. He wanted to finish
Collinwood before the birth of their child.

okay nope jeremiah is pretty out of character too

even for realizing he ~didn’t love her~ like he did in the show

he still wasn’t a douche about it