so I think I’ve figured out my other kintypes (I always thought I might be polykin but had trouble pinning it down)

I’m dryadkin, possibly as fictionkin of the Chronicles of Narnia Wood Gods or just Greek mythology tree nymph kin

and I’m seabirdkin, specifically wandering albatross kin.

I am still also felinekin, though, of course. my cat form is half Scottish wildcat, half domestic cat, and the domestic is a mix of Abyssinian and British Shorthair. probably slightly torbie/caliby markings.

ancient-wanderer said:

May I ask what you mean by saying that you are a changeling dryad? Sorry, I'm trying to find other dryadkin which I noticed there aren't many at all ^^"

Ah! Well i view most changlings as ‘how you came to human form’ many otherk*ns may see themselves a changeling and that is it. But is see changeling as a subcategory of how you came to be in a home. :3c I hope that splains it fren!🐝