For fellow Drupal jockeys

While dragging a couple of our websites kicking and screaming into 7.x territory, I am reminded of this module (which some of you might find useful):


Misery is a module designed to make life difficult for certain users.

It can be used:

  • As an alternative to banning or deleting users from a community.
  • As a means by which to punish members of your website.
  • To delight in the suffering of others.

The aim of misery is to be not traceable by users on misery list, so misery actions should be sufficiently subtle enough to avoid suspicion.

Currently you can force users (via permissions/roles, editing their user account, or using IP blacklists to endure the following misery:

  • Delay: Create a random-length delay, giving the appearance of a slow connection. (by default this happens 40% of the time)
  • White screen: Present the user with a white-screen. (by default this happens 10% of the time)
  • Wrong page: Redirect to a random URL in a predefined list. (by default this happens 0% of the time) [ETA: This is my favorite.]
  • Random node: Redirect to a random node accessible by the user. (by default this happens 10% of the time) [ETA: This one too. Bwahahahaha.]
  • 403 Access Denied: Present the user with an “Access Denied” error. (by default this happens 10% of the time)
  • 404 Not Found: Present the user with a “Not Found” error. (by default this happens 10% of the time)
  • Forms don’t submit: Redirect back to the form during validation to prevent submission. (by default this happens 60% of the time) Note: Occasionally certain forms validate based on which button was pressed, this won’t work in those cases.
  • Crash IE6: If the user is using Internet Explorer 6, this will crash their browser. (by default this happens 0% of the time)
  • Spam: Replace node content with a set word. (by default this happens 10% of the time)
  • Logout: Log the user out. (by default this happens 10% of the time)

There are hooks for developers to unleash and contrive more misery.

This project was inspired by the vBulletin hack; “Miserable Users”.

If you want to give your trolls the silent treatment try the Cave module.

…There have been times when I’ve input some juicy piece of data (IP, what have you) into the module’s field while muttering with the greatest pleasure, “Misery on you, misery on your family, misery on your cow…”  SO satisfying.

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BizReview, a directory listing Theme for Drupal

BizReview is the first ever directory listing theme in ThemeForest’s Drupal category.

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Okay, that looks a lot better

Now that the BlueMasters theme has gone responsive (well, actually it went responsive a while back, but you needed to be running Drupal 7.x to use it, and since the YW site was still running 6.x BECAUSE OF REASONS [don’t get me started]), there was little point in updating the look and feel. But now YoungWizards.com is finally running 7.31, and the theme has now mostly been kicked into shape.

There are a lot of legacy pages that need to be restructured / rethemed, but that’s one of those things you do a page or two at a time. This is good enough for the moment. The gallery’s not working yet (I don’t care what the BlueMasters people say, the HTML/PHP from their demo page is simply not fit for purpose…) and it’s going to take a little brainwork to sort out a wee microslideshow in Views, but I’ll get around to that in a while. Meanwhile I just want to spend the rest of the day writing something that doesn’t start with “A HREF=”.

Sorry, did I veer into jargon there? Apologies. (NO MORE HTML TODAY PLEASE GOD.)

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An Inadvertent Afternoon of Code: or, What To Do If You Have Drupal In The Root And Wordpress In A Subdirectory And When You Try To Access A Wordpress Page Drupal Returns A 404

(deep breath) There are two ways to approach / describe an afternoon like this.

  • (a) You Learn Something Every Day: or,
  • (b) There’s Three Hours I’ll Never See Again.

…If the title on this post seems long, it’s so that people who have this problem will be able to find their way here via Google and get an answer in a hurry, as Goddess knows it took me long enough just now, and the Powers know that Tumblr’s tagging won’t be up to it.

So. An email came through from Amazon this morning saying, “We’ve restructured the Amazon Author Pages, so why not nip over to Author Central and update your bio and make sure your page has the right size of picture and so on.”

So this, being in a good and affable mood, I do. And while I’m there I throw out a couple of old dead RSS feeds that link into the page, and update another one. And try to update a second, but for some obscure reason Amazon is insisting loudly that the Feedburner feed from my main blog at  "Out of Ambit" isn’t working. Which is of course bollocks since Feedburner tells me the feed is extant and working fine. 

So I go “Hmf, picky, picky, Amazon,” and change the URL to the standard feed address for a WordPress blog, which as all you WP types know is the blog URL followed by “/feed/”. And once again Amazon complains that this URL is nonfunctional or invalid.

This causes me to roll my eyes and go over to OOA, intending to pick up the RSS URL there The blog’s front page loads fine, but I note in passing that the RSS isn’t linked to on the front page. An error left over from enabling a new theme some weeks back, no doubt. So I think, “Okay, it’ll show on one of the post pages,” and I click on a post: this one, in fact, about the Games Wizards Play pub date.

And find myself staring at the custom 404 page in my Drupal installation — i.e. the program / platform on which my main website runs — politely insisting that the page doesn’t exist. Which is also bollocks.

(Insert sound of a writer heaving a heavy sigh.)

Now then. Anyone who’s worked with Drupal for a while knows that even a naked install of it comes with a moderately complex .htaccess file in its root directory. (For those of you who know nothing of this subject, let’s just call it a sort of gatekeeper file, the business of which is to keep naughty people from messing around with your website. But the syntax needed to control its behavior is delicate and cranky, and if in a distracted moment while working with it you should mislay a semicolon, then Thoth have mercy on your soul, because the Apache server software sure won’t.)

Anyway, years of working with Drupal have taught me that it — meaning that .htaccess file — can sometimes get into squabbles over control of pages in its subdirectories with the programs that live in them. What was going on was obviously one such squabble. WordPress was saying “Here, this page, let me show you it” and Drupal was saying “Page? What page? No such thing, you’re hallucinating.” And this had been going on for… a couple of weeks, perhaps.


My problem is that due to security concerns, Drupal has had to have its core files updated a couple of times in the last month or so. So there might have been some change to the .htaccess (annoying but quickly fixable) or to the core (oh God please no) that was causing the difficulty. And even worse, all the WordPress installs we run have also updated themselves over the last week or so. All kinds of things could have gone wrong.

Anyway. The first line of attack being that .htaccess file, I then spent an hour and a half or so Googling for answers and tinkering with it in various ways that all sounded like they might work but none of which did. And the same with the .htaccess in the Wordpress installation, which was… empty? HTH did that happen? No idea. (Most likely an omission or error of mine, or a problem with the broadband, most likely a file move / transfer that didn’t complete properly.) Thereupon followed many Internal Server Errors, many more 404s, and a desperate desire for a stiff drink, indeed many stiff drinks.

What saved my butt at last was a matter of sheer luck. By happy chance I have a second install of WP elsewhere in that domain: the "Eating Paper" casual writer’s daybook that I collect writing-advice articles to now and then.  I compared its .htaccess with the missing one and found the solution. What was needed is this code:


# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /subdirectory/
RewriteRule ^index.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /subdirectory/index.php [L]
# END WordPress


If you are running Drupal in your root directory and your WP install is in a subdirectory, you must make sure that subdirectory’s name appears in the .htaccess of that WP subdirectory, as above. If you’re having this problem with your install, swap out “subdirectory” and swap in your own subdirectory’s name: save it to your .htaccess, put that file in your WP install’s root, clear your page caches, and try again to load a “missing” page. All things going correctly (and nothing else being screwed up), it should load.

Which mine did. (Cue relieved sighs from weary writer.) And now all the feeds are working* and everything is fine. May your fix be as straightforward.

Now I can get back to the damn dark side of the Moon where I ought to be…

*Though Amazon still hates the Feedburner feed. Don’t ask me.

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A escolha do Drupal pela Sysvale

A página de abertura do portal Sysvale, feito em Drupal

No início de janeiro de 2014, quando a Sysvale Softgroup começou a dar seus primeiros passos, percebemos que precisávamos de algumas ferramentas e metodologias para otimizar nossa gestão e nosso desenvolvimento.

A fim de avaliar a quais ferramentas e metodologias nos adaptariamos melhor, instalamos e testamos uma série de softwares e, também, nos aprofundamos nos estudos de algumas metodologias. Afinal, escolhemos o NetBeans PHP como IDE, o Dolibarr como ERP e adotamos o framework Scrum para desenvolvimento ágil, porém, ainda nos faltava algo.

Como parte de nossa busca por ferramentas, discutimos o uso do CMS (Content Management System, sistema de gestão de conteúdo) Joomla, que não foi totalmente aceito por nossa equipe de programação. Alguns tinham más experiências com seu uso, somadas ao preconceito com os sistemas de gestão de conteúdo web de uma forma geral.

Em uma sessão de brainstorming com nosso consultor Cesar Brod, exploramos o uso do Drupal, que foi rapidamente estudado e incorporado no portfolio de produtos e serviços da empresa.

O Drupal acabou com todas as cismas dos desenvolvedores e, depressa, se tornou querido por ser seguro, modular, de código aberto e receptivo às modificações e integrações, além de constituir, por si só, um ambiente completo para o desenvolvimento de novas funcionalidades.

Ele é um sistema de gerenciamento de conteúdo usado por milhares de pessoas e grandes organizações como ONU, Casa Branca, governo francês, Greenpeace UK, Universal Music, Sony Music, Harvard e Unicamp. Se você ainda não teve contato com o Drupal, vale a pena a experiência.

A Sysvale oferece capacitações em Drupal através da parceria com a Brod Tecnologia que trabalha com projetos de consultoria e capacitação na ferramenta desde 2006. Para mais informações entre em contato com contato@sysvale.com.

Leia mais:

  • Semana Drupal 7 no Dicas-L: uma série de artigos de Cesar Brod e Joice Käfer que servem como excelente introdução ao Drupal.
  • Anotações do Workshop de Drupal 7 na Unicamp: um exemplo dos temas cobertos nas oficinas desenvolvidas pela Sysvale e BrodTec. Atente para as dicas sobre como criar um tema no Drupal 7, a partir do zero.
  • Testes ágeis em PHP: nesta série de artigos, Cesar Brod descreve a configuração da IDE NetBeans para o ambiente de desenvolvimento da Sysvale
The Drupal motto of the day

"Run ‘update.php’ and hope for the best." 

(after a long day of retheming the EuropeanCuisines.com site…oh god NO MORE MODULES…. thank you…)

(But wow, the Irish recipes are getting hammered. Which is just fine. Indeed, more than fine.)  :)

(Note to onecarefulowner: Re the Drupal learning curve: It’s steep. …Not that it’s not worthwhile, because Drupal is quite powerful and very flexible if you can get to grips with all the stuff you have to keep an eye on while you’re bulding your site.

Almost all the household websites have been running on Drupal for years and years: I got started with v4.7 (so you can guess I’ve been at this for a while). But as CMSs go it is one of the more complex ones, with many fascinating ways to break if you’re unwary.

This, though, is the price one pays for working with open source software: a certain amount of sweat and trouble. In the case of EC.com, it seems to have worked out well enough (though the whole site needs to be taken apart and put back together at some point, in my copious spare time: insert hollow laughter here). Not right now, though. For now it does well enough — especially this time of year when half the world wants Peter’s mum’s soda bread. (Another page that wants a little restructuring.) Maybe in the summer I’ll start restructuring it. Yeah, that’s the ticket…)  :)