I was supposed to close at work tonight (Halloween) but I’m gonna call in sick for the following reasons:
-I hate asshole drunks
-I hate cleaning up after asshole drunks
-I fucking hate dealing with loud drunk people as I’m taking phone calls with people who are also asshole drunks
-I get sad and jealous when I see drunk couples in love/probably horny nd gettin ready to go home and lay down next to their drunken lover. I always wish I could be doing that with cris instead of dealing with drunk assholes. and lastly
-I don’t get paid enough to deal with asshole drunks

Point is I hate closing on weekends and also hate dealing w/ rude assholes , esp. ones with tendencies of throwing up in the bathroom nd leaving me 2 clean it
In college if you asked me if I thought jealousy was a desirable quality in a mate I would have said yes because I thought that jealousy was a measurement of how much someone cared about you. Nowadays I just find it exhausting, dramatic, and completely unnecessary. Being able to act your age becomes more and more appealing the older you get because really, bar fights and drunken lover quarrels every other weekend? “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”