ladies meme → [1/5] ladies of comedy
      Monica Geller

Signs drunk

((check moon sign))

Aries: Super energized and hyped, won’t stop doing risky things ffs you’re gonna die.

Taurus: Probably does something they will really regret the next day and gets angry near the end of the night and punches someone.

Gemini: Talks for hours about aliens and life with Aquarius until they both end up making out.

Cancer: Gets super fucking weird and starts hugging everyone and telling them how they left the cooker on or some shit.

Leo: Flirts with Libra then ends up making out but sees Libra making out with Virgo at the end of the night and kills Virgo.

Virgo: Probably doing some crazy shit on stage then after Libra flirts with them and they both end up making out.

Libra: Targeting all the hot people and ends up making out with 10 people at the end of the night Virgo flirts with them but gets beaten up by Leo.

Scorpio: Trying there hardest to fuck someone but just ends up crying with Pisces all night and gets no one.

Sagittarius: Literally starts talking some shit and goes missing for 4 weeks after saying “im going to vegas”.

Capricorn: Goes to their ex’s house and tells them to go fuck themselves but actually ends up fucking them.

Aquarius: Talks to Gemini all night about aliens and life until Gemini gets bored and kisses Aquarius.

Pisces: In the corner of the room judging everyone until they see Scorpio crying and makes it their life goal to help Scorpio.


[8:57 PM]
Is she soft like the places in my body you’ve always loved?

[9:03 PM]
His lips tasted like dark coffee and nothing close to the sweetness  yours had to offer.

[9:07 PM]
Are you thinking of me the way I’m thinking of you?

[10:11 PM]
I need you like I need the sun to keep me warm or the way the moon cradles me to sleep. I need and want to be in your arms again. Hold me once again.

[10:25 PM]
I hate you so much I just want to take away your breath through my kisses. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

[10:27 PM]
I loved you with all that I am. I STILL LOVE YOU.

[12:35 AM]
I lost count of all the tequila shots I had. Is this why you left me? I warned you from the start that I wasn’t good with numbers especially when drunk but you said that you don’t mind so what happened???

[3:18 AM]
I wish I was with you and not this guy who doesn’t know where all the right places are. You got me so lost in your eyes and I can’t find my way back anymore.

[4:15 AM]
Did you fuck her? Or did you finally find out how making love feels like?

—  drunk texts | mediwriter

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