How to irritates people, by Viscount Druit

So first, he was blabbing about the so-called ‘almighty device’

 Then Grell give up first.

But, Ronald stop him as the device is important and the Viscount just continue his speech.

Sebastian can’t take it anymore.

Yet, he continues his rambling as the moment become very crucial.

Ciel snapped.

As Grell was stopped by Ronald, Sebastian was stopped by Ciel, and Ciel stopped by Sebastian. His life was still spare. But then, he keeps going on while everyone is fighting.

His only hope, Ronald Knox was finally lose it.

Just then, when he reached his final sentence,

They all snapped.

Grand Grocery Company. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by John Vachon. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on America’s rural and small town populations. The photographs and captions are the property of the Library of Congress and were included in a 2006 exhibit Bound for Glory: America in Color.

Recipe for the ‘Best Fruit Cake Ever’

1 cup of best best butter
1 cup of sugar
2 cups of flour
3 large eggs
1 cup of brown sugar
2 litres of whisky
2 cups of dried fruit
1 tspn of baking soda
1 tspn of salt
Lemon juice

Before your start, sample the whisky and check quality. “good isn’t it”
Now go ahead.
Select a large mixing bowl and measuring cup. 
Check the whisky again to ensure it is of the highest quality.
When satisfied pour one more cup out and drink immediately.
With an electric mixer beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl, then add one tspn of thugar and beat again.
Meanwhile make sure the whisky has not on golf.
Cry another tup.
Open second bottle if necessary.
Add three large eggs, two cups of fresh druit and beat them high.
If druit gets stuck in beaters just pry loose with a drewscriver.
Sample whisky again to check for tonscisticity.
Next, 3 cups of salt, or anything white, coo hares.
Sift half pint of lemon juice.
Pour in chopped butter and strained nuts.
Add one babble spoon of brown thugar or whatever colour you have left and wix mell. 
Grease oven and turn cake pan onto 350 gradees.
Now pour the whole mess into th coven and ake.
Check the whisky one more time and go to bed.