Studio recording

Might be able to show you guys a sneak preview of my band, Druidspear, tonight. All that hard work behind the drum kit over the past 8 weeks+ in the studio has paid off and well, my reward can be your compliments*.. so who wants to hear our track, ‘Quest’?

*now it best be good..

Here is a man called Lifus.
I thought I’d introduce Lifus to you as he plays an important part in my band, Druidspear. With the band age range being 34 years you can see evidence that we like to find a nice balance of talent and experience in order to get the best sound. Lifus has been rewarded with compliments and propositions from musicians at the top-flight, yet he has always persisted with whatever project he’d be working on at that time. With a spritely young drummer like me to his right and a plucky bassist like Mark on his left he surely gets pushed up to speed. And while recent attacks of pneumonia and emphasyma hit hard he still battles on. Lifus’ efforts give testament to the love you see your favourite musician give. He may struggle to get through a whole practice on the odd night, and may sing a solo differently every time but the reward he gets from the musical creativity, in his words, ‘is so powerful, like no drug can give.’
We wish you all the best for 2013 my friend. Gig in a few weeks, and you’re in the frontline.


Druidspear performing LIVE at The King Arthur, Glastonbury. 4/8/12