Hey, important warning to ANYONE who buys liquid eyeliners from drugstores/outlet marts, I’ve been working at a local drugstore for over two years now and recently something EXTREMELY DANGEROUS has come to our staffs attention. CERTAIN PEOPLE AS A “PRANK” HAVE BEEN PUTTING BLACK NAIL POLISH INSIDE OF THE EYE LINER CONTAINERS THAT AREN’T HELD WITHIN CARDBOARD PACKAGING!! Yes some sick sadistical fucks having been putting nail polish inside of eyeliner! The store I work at has had several complaints of the eyeliners smelling weird and abnormal and has since just stopped having the liners that can be easily opened/tampered with behind the counter right next to the cigarettes….Please, for your own safety avoid any eyeliner that was not in a package with a seal break ( as plastic ones can be easily opened and closed) this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident as our stores other branches has come across the issue as well.