Daisy Maknus - Yigrret
Because the way she handles Argonus almost on a daily bases. His attitude and anger Rosie’s and she always seems to calm his hot tempered steam down. She all has hair like silk…and and…eyes that never end…and…*druels* lmao

Her light

Happiness is the sound of her voice, her laughter, her yell.
Happiness is the tingling sensation of her hair dangling in my face.
Happiness is her soft touch that shoots my soul to the stars and back at light-speed.
Happiness is her druel on my shoulder after she gently falls asleep.
Sadness is knowing that I fucked it all up.
I’ll still love her, though, her and only her till I’m fertilizing flowers from six feet under.

Girls confuse me so badly because they will druel over a girl and say how hot she thinks she is and then say that they aren’t attracted to girls, it’s a brain buster