Did anyone used to follow the drrr!kinkmeme on LJ?

Because I remember this one comic!post with Shizuo being a little bit mentally unstable and he cuts Izaya’s voice box out so Izaya can stop talking because Izaya has a pretty face but his voice is apparently very annoying.

Izaya avoided Shizuo but Shizuo sought him out anyways.

Can someone, mayhaps, link it to me if they know?

Shizaya kink meme halp ;;

Alright, so a while back I found a Shizaya fic on the kink meme (and as of right now, I’m pretty sure it’s not in part 8, 9 or 10) and it involved Shizaya phonesex.

If I remember the story right, it involved Izaya’s birthday, Shizuo was out of town, and Izaya convinced him into having phone sex with him.

It was established relationship too.

So - established relationship Shizaya, involving birthday phone sex.

I’m wondering if anybody could perhaps direct me to the link? I’m searching like crazy to find it and also punching myself in the mouth since I didn’t bookmark it when I read it.

I’d appreciate it very much!

I’m just not sure if I’ll be ripped a new asshole if I ask on the kinkmeme since I’m not entirely sure where to ask.

Thank you. ;3;

Also don’t rip me a new asshole with these tags either I’m desperate ;A;

anonymous said:

Not a confession, but I just wanted to let people know that there's a troll on the DRRRkink meme. I know that a lot of people from here visit there, and I just wanted to let people know to ignore it. Don't reply. All they want is attention to feel superior for having so little to do with their lives. Thanks :).

Thanks for the heads up!

i don't think i know how to blog on tumblr, but trying

So when i get 3 comments on a fanfic on the meme, i get SUPER happy. I go ‘omg i have THREE READERS klsjaflkasjfalskfj’

My friends think this is silly and says I probably have more readers than that. True… but without a counter system, I really don’t know. Three comments is a LOT for the meme standards! >.<;;;;

I shall be in my little corner and be happy with three readers man… even though i think all those three readers are already my friends OTL…

Even if i don’t get any comments, i have pride as a writer to try to finish all my fanfics no matter what. I hope i can make it to the finish line with some of my longer ones without abandoning. When i see my favorite fics be abandoned, i get sad. So even if i don’t know if anyone’s reading, just in case there is one reader out there, i want to try to finish it.

some of my favorite fanfics only received one comment (Me lol) and they got abandoned because it only received one comment. That makes me sad…. i wish people would write for themselves and have more confidence, instead of trying to pool in comments all the time…

so it makes me want to not abandon my own fills. And yes I’ve had fics where I finished and i received zero comments. but i was happy i finished them anyway.

and who knows? someone might come by and read it later? I’ve had one case where something like 6 months after the fic was finished, i got comments. hahaha…. i was like ‘oh good. i’m not a total failure after all yay…’

cheer up~ the world is not ending yet.