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I wrote a piece for a local paper about the issue of using disability seats. I get it. I wish I could link to it, but y'know, tumblr. Anyways, appreciated your post. A lot.

Thank you so much for your note!! I’m sitting here just watching the notes for that post keep getting higher and I’m just so glad that it’s seeming to resonate with so many people. It’s nice to know that I’m definitely not alone in the fight to raise awareness. (I assume that’s the post you’re referring to?)

And I’d love to see the piece you wrote! Can you send me the link as fan mail, or give me the title so I can search for it? I know, tumblr isn’t great about link sharing.


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What is that watchy thingamagoo called?? I might want one. I like it.

It’s a polar FT7 heart rate monitor!  It comes with strap that you wrap around your chest. The strap is adjustable and surprisingly comfortable.  Once it’s on I forget that i’m wearing it.  The watch shows calories as you’re burning them, your heart rate, target heart rate zone, and overall time in a couple different screens that you can scroll through during your workout.   

I absolutely love mine!  It hasn’t let me down yet and i’ve had it for a while now!  Before I got it I read a lot of reviews on amazon; it got really good reviews there  (that’s probably the cheapest place to get it too).

It’s been a great motivation tool for me!