Mod Mepphy from TCAOJ here to send some love to this blog~^-^


I noticed that this blog was getting a shitton of hate from anons and SJWs lately. And I honestly think you guys don’t deserve the amount of hate you guys are getting at all. Yes, sometimes the mods make mistakes, but so does every other human being- we all make mistakes. Hell, I have made some in the past too. But making mistakes does not mean that people deserve hate like this.

And I am defending and sending some love for DVFJ not only because it is one of my fave blogs on tumblr, but also because of the fact that they, along with GGFSJ, CoSJ, TFJ, AVFJ, and the many other RSJ blogs on tumblr helped inspire me to make my own blog, <a href=””>True Cross Academy of Justice (TCAOJ)</a> and Total Drama Actual Justice (though Total Drama Actual Justice did delete because of the amount of hate and threats I received though to be honest with you guys).


And I noticed that some of the hate that the mods from DVFJ have been getting (who are real people by the way from all different and diverse kinds of backgrounds by the way) has been really giving many of the mods some really bad stress and anxiety to an extent. Hell, I have dealt with this from other people in the past on tumblr and other sites, hell, I have even experienced bullying and hate in real life and let me tell you that hate is a strong feeling. It really hurts many people, both physically and mentally, but especially emotionally. And honestly, I don’t understand why people seem to disregard mental and emotional pain, especially since emotional pain is truly the worst kind of pain one can experience, as it directly can have a negative impact on one’s mental health.

<p>And honestly, I don’t understand the amount of hate that DVFJ is getting- at all. I mean, they are actually not extreme anti-SJWs at all, nor are they SJWs in disguise from what I have seen. In fact, I would actually say that the Disney Villains are pretty moderate, if not even liberal in their views, and that is not a bad thing. Hell, lots of people who are not SJWs are pretty liberal in their views, including myself. Social justice is probably a more liberal ideology now that I think about it.</p>

Please, anons, stop sending hate to the mods since the mods happen to be real people, human beings actually. And human beings have a thing called feelings. And feelings can get hurt, and sometimes this even causes emotional pain. And emotional pain can truly fuck with one’s mental health. I know this because I have dealt with this in the past. And honestly, the anons who are sending the Disney villains hate really are being kind of harsh, if not actually kind of cruel even. And cruelty is really not okay.

By the way, if anyone is willing to be a whiny asshole on using anon as a means to justify their douchebaggery and self-righteousness, do it to me (and <strong>only me</strong>), not the villains because honestly, I can handle the hate, while many of the villains aren’t. I can easily tell that the mods’ mental and emotional health has been negatively impacted by the hate that the anons are getting and it’s really not okay.

~Mod Mephisto Pheles from True Cross Academy of Justice


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