WiFi Drones Stand Up Network During Emergencies


by Michael Keller

Some of the first responders to enter future disaster zones might be tiny drones equipped with transmitters designed to reestablish WiFi and cellphone communications. 

University of North Texas electrical engineers have unveiled prototypes of the multirotor aerial vehicles that they are designing to fly in pairs after the network goes down. One drone would land in the area—perhaps on a rooftop—and the second would be placed in line of sight of the first up to almost two miles away. 


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August 9 2014: three people killed by a possible US drone strike in the central Marib province. Two women were also injured in the strike, reportedly on a house rented to three men from Saada province in the North-West. #drone #drones #yemen (at Wadi Abeeda, Marib Province)

A downed Israeli drone could advance Iran’s own drone program - Quartz

Drones have become an especially important component of Tehran’s military arsenal in recent years. Last November, Iran unveiled its first predator drone, the Shahed 129, which was largely based on an Israeli Elbit Hermes 450 model. The drone shot down yesterday is believed to have also been an Hermes.

David Cenciotti, the founder of the blog The Aviationist, tells Quartz that Iran has been quite adept at implementing the technologies captured from these downed drones into manufacturing their own UAVs. The country, he says, now has a small but fairly robust domestic drone program.

“With access to foreign technology restricted by a long-lasting embargo, Iran has developed several domestic drones,” said Cenciotti. “Some of them are similar to the Israeli model Hermes 450 model. Others are based on US models captured after they were shot down or crash landed during spy missions over Iranian airspace.”

Iran’s domestic drone industry, Cenciotti explains, now exports to its allies. Iranian-made UAVs have been spotted in Syria, Venezuela and in the Gaza Strip, where they have been operated by Hamas.


9 human rights tragedies the world needs to stop ignoring

It’s a tragically long list: missing women, ethnic cleansing and spreading diseases. Pick any country — including the United States — and there’s most likely a tragedy you’ll uncover that seriously violates international laws and standards. While unleashing international outrage can sometimes hurt more than it helps, there are some situations where it can make a real impact. 

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August 6 2014: at least five killed and two or three more injured in a drone strike on a house in Lawara Mandi village, North Waziristan. #drone #drones #pakistan (at Lawara Mandi, North Waziristan)



Unmanned drones have gotten a bad reputation in recent years. And with good reason, especially when the U.S. government is using them to kill people in distant countries with arguably little accountability.

But more recently, they’ve also let us gain a new perspective on the world — literally. 

See the full gif set with these striking images from drones. 

August 16 2014: A possible US drone strike killed three in Hadramout province. According to a local official: “three armed men were travelling in a vehicle along a desert stretch between Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s border when the drone shot two rockets at them. All three are dead.” #drone #drones #yemen (at Hadramout Province)

I don’t get America. You people are questioning Obama for authorizing these drone strikes on ISIS in the name of trying to prevent a mass genocide. If Obama DIDN’T do something, y’all would be questioning why the Leader of the “Free World” didn’t save lives when the opportunity presented itself.