DriveWear Lenses

Snowy weather and poor driving conditions are a great reason to try DriveWear Lenses, which are prescription sunglass lenses that adapt to varying light conditions.  They start at a light tint, which is great for snowy weather, where there is not a lot of sunlight, but plenty of glare from the snow.  Then they darken to a medium bronze which is dark enough for bright sunlight, but the bronze color helps to enhance contrast.  In addition to being the perfect color for every light condition, they are also polarized, which enhances glare protection from direct sunlight and light reflected off of surfaces like car winshields, snow, or water.  Most importantly, they also have 100% protection from harmful UV radiation which can lead to damage to the eyes such as cataracts and macular degeneration.   Call or come in today for more information about the benefits of DriveWear lenses.