It's Not About You

It’s not about a ticket. It’s not about avoiding DUI checkpoints or taking back roads. It’s not about how amazing you are driving at with one eye shut to overcome pesky double vision or your wizardly phone multitasking skills while weaving through traffic. It’s not about that hilarious time you ran over someone’s mailbox and woke up in their front yard. Nor is it about hiding the damage to your vehicle from your spouse or getting penalized at your job. It is not even about getting charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Quite simply put, it’s not about you at all.

The greatest consequence for bad driving behavior is the potential harm or death of an innocent person. The laws that tell you to put your phone down, not to cross double yellows, and drive sober aren’t there to merely annoy you. They are there to save lives.

The reality is, who are you to endanger anyone because your phone chimed or you were too stubborn to call a cab? Think hard about your reasoning. Mull it over in your mind. Then imagine explaining it someone who had a child in ICU or was burying a loved one due to your actions.

Drive responsibly.

Because it is incredibly selfish to put other people in danger for thinking you’re a better driver than all the statistics, reports, and personal stories that say “It is not worth the risk.”

It’s not about you - it’s about the people whose only mistake was being on the same road.


This partnership is akin to Rocky finding his Bullwinkle.

Dash launch last January, promising to produce a “Fitbit for cars”. The app works on various ODB devices that are readily available. Since the start, the company has strived to be device-agnostic, giving consumers the right to choose their own hardware. Even with this partnership with Vinli, Dash will continue to support other hardware.

Vinli launched in September at Disrupt SF 2014. The company is attempting to build an ecosystem of apps around its hardware that’s compatible with nearly every car manufactured after 1996. But building an app platform is hard. Teaming up with the hottest player in the space should help move things along for both companies.

So I pulled over and checked the air pressure in my tires cause I was getting gas n It’s a good thing Dad taught my well “always check your tire pressure before a trip” The tires needed some air and I was filling them up when the attendant came up to me and asked me if i needed a gauge… I said “I never leave home without it” and then whipped it out my pocket #DriveSmart #StayProtected #ThanksDad #Like4Like #Follow4Follow by xavierfernandez1984

Be smart. Keep your eyes on the road. 

At Dash, our mission is to make the roads smarter, safer and more affordable. So, we’ve partnered with Winnergear to save you money on one of the best dashboard phone mounts available.

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Simply use the code DASHBY15 to take 15% off their best selling product, the MONTAR. Starting as low as $30, the mount works with all the latest handsets, like the iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 smartphones, and is one of the highest-rated dashboard products on Amazon.

It’s a great holiday gift for your friends and loved ones - to make sure they are driving smarter and safer!

The history of our relationship with technology is simple: we purchased machines and devices that we expected to fulfill a certain need. Be it a computer for sending emails, an e-reader for reading books on the go, or a smartwatch for helping us stay on top of notifications, we interact with technology with predictable reciprocity.…

Wired Magazine highlights Dash as part of an emerging trend of technology companies using data and algorithms to improve our daily lives, from Fitbit to Nest. 

Today, the speed limit in New York City is being reduced to 25 MPH on most streets, as part of an initiative called Vision Zero. Data shows that pedestrians struck by vehicles traveling at 25 MPH are half as likely to die as those struck at 30 MPH.

Vision Zero is an innovative campaign, spearheaded by New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, that aims to improve traffic safety and reduce pedestrian fatalities to zero.

Read how Dash is partnering with the city’s Department of Transportation, to serve this important initiative in our home city, by making driving smarter and safer.

Join Dash in making driving smarter and safer for everyone. Help share the message, by tweeting #25MPH today and follow us