Drive movie poster makes viewers feel this new movie might be a roller coaster ride of a motion picture for the newly released Drive movie poster has managed to bring out some of the sought after cinematic elements. Among them are crime, action and thriller. So dealing with those features it is possible to say this is going to be a crowd puller of a cinematic venture to watch out with hope. The main attraction of this new preview is leading man Ryan Gosling who will do his best.

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Ghost Rider: the Road to Damnation # 1 RRP Variant, by Clayton Crain.

I hated the Ghost Rider movies. Not just because Nick Cage screwed them both up, but because they took all the potential and just flushed it down the toilet.

Imagine, if you will, if they rebooted the franchise…

With Robert Rodriguez as the director.
With a Soundtrack by Rob Zombie.
And make the movie as a deliberate B-Movie Schlock-Fest. Do not try to make it a superhero flick like the rest of Marvel.

Market it like a drive-in movie.

Have movie posters that warn parents about the dangers of letting their children see the movie.

And the movie would have to be short and sweet. Like, an hour and a half at most of just non-stop action and mayhem involving a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle fighting zombies, satanists, demons, devil worshippers, and the like. A thumping soundtrack, a lot of fire, brimstone, over-the-top baddies, and a killer pace. Make it to compete with the likes of DREDD or Planet Terror.

Seriously, how awesome would that be?

I would cast Scott Eastwood as Johnny Blaze.
Kurt Russell as the Caretaker.
Someone new as Roxanne.
and Cillian Murphy as Mephisto.

And plenty of room for cameos from Marvel occult characters like the Midnight Sons, as well as references to the other Ghost Riders.

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This episode is considered by many as Bryan Cranston’s audition tape for Breaking Bad with that show’s creator Vince Gilligan penning the teleplay. This poster, interestingly enough, was partially inspired by the artwork for Driving Miss Daisy. I used a western-style color scheme in this poster as it was one of the first ones produced after the production moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles at the beginning of season six. –  J.J. Lendl