Mental illness is living hell, mental illness is break downs and panic attacks, it’s restraints and hospitals, it’s scars and intrusive thoughts, it’s a constant battle that sometimes feels impossible to win.
It’s living in a nightmare but you just can’t wake up from it, it’s therapy, it’s pushing people you love away in fear they’ll leave you anyway, it’s losing friends, family, yourself.. it’s missing out on school days, birthdays, public holidays and hanging out with friends, it’s drips, NG tubes, heart monitors, medications, stitches, ensures, judgemental doctors and nurses, it’s sleepless nights laying in your bed begging for the pain to go away, it’s being unable to concentrate on anything and it’s the empty feeling that never leaves.
Mental illness is not fucking glamorous, starvation and purging is not beautiful, self harm and suicidal ideation is not attention seeking, depression and anxiety are not cute, personality disorders and psychotic illnesses are not made up, mental illnesses are medical illnesses, they are a huge issue in today’s society yet some people still refuse to accept that concept.
Living with mental illness is exhausting and people shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about their experiences openly (in a way that isn’t triggering to others obviously), people shouldn’t feel embarrassed for being sick, people shouldn’t feel like what they’re going through is not real because it is and just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it any less debilitating.
—  survivor-of-s0ciety