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Imagine Steve using art and painting as a way to get out his anger and frustration and one day the avengers walk in on him mid angry paint and they all have a discussion about healthy ways to relieve frustration

"Is the paint supposed to be everywhere…?”

Tony had walked into Steve’s workshop to find angry red splashes of paint dripping from every wall and even the ceiling.

"Haven’t you heard of Jackson Pollack?" Steve said bitterly.

"Pretty sure even he didn’t turn his art space into a crime scene…”

"Better this than cause an actual crime scene…”

"Well…there is that…”

He had to remove his clothes, but he was still dripping paint. He was just—- so foolish. He was going to lose this form now because he wanted to touch the snow- that was all, wanted to feel what it was like.

Outside of the small country home, there were dark colored footprints in the snow leading up the path, then a splash of color right at the door where he fell when his feet had just gotten too wet and stopped working. Now he was sitting on the floor, barely dressed, and hugging his legs gently, leaning his chin on his knees, and waiting quietly until his color dripped out. He didnt have much else of a choice of return to his normal ‘state of being’ unless someone showed up.

Such as life.

Happy birthday to Jackson Pollock (1912–1956)! Famous for his drip paintings, Pollock was a highly influential artist in the emotion-packed movement of abstract expressionism. How does “No. 22” make you feel?

No. 22," 1950, by Jackson Pollock © Pollock-Krasner Foundation / Artists Rights Society (RS), New York


In honor of Jackson Pollock’s birthday, see how MoMA conservators restored some of his iconic drip paintings.