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Cat Behaviour:   Drinking from the tap.  

Many cats will drink from the tap at any opportunity.  The reason for this is that cats have a very ineffective method of drinking normally… they dart their tongue out, curled under at the end, barely dip it in the water surface then quickly pull it up and try to “catch” any water that sticks to it by surface tension.

This has got to be exhausting, and often seems to take more time than it’s worth.  So, yeah, I’d drink from the tap whenever possible too.

why would you drink from those tap things at parks. this runner god bless her went right up to it and put her lips on the thing. firstly bye does she know how many homeless people and dogs and small children drink from this. how healthy can she really be. secondly bye

when your anxiety is so bad that you drink from the bathroom tap to avoid any possible social interaction on the way to the kitchen

Me: *is a brat about drinking out-of-state tap water*

Me: *drinks NYC tap water from a grody park fountain without second thought*

synnodic replied to your post: simon is the most hydrated cat i have …

My kitty yells at me whenever I go into the bathroom to turn on the faucet so she can drink from it. She refuses to drink Water Contaminated By Dogs or anything remotely approaching room temp, and will only drink cold water directly from the tap.

simon very frequently jumps up onto the sink when i turn it on. he just loves drinking water so much. but then sometimes he gets his tiny peepaws wet and is very distressed. cats.

First impressions, Sweden

Greetings from Sweden! I have a few of my first impressions that I’d like to share – this is after 2.5 days in Djursholm, where my friend lives, and Stockholm:

1. Sweden is so clean! Water tastes refreshing (I normally don’t drink from the tap). No need to buy bottled water! And air is fresh, no bad smells.
2. People are very pleasant, friendly and polite. I didn’t feel any stress tension, or negative energy… There’s a sense of calm, in me too.
3. Everywhere is easy to get to/from. I walked a lot, 3 islands: Sodermalm, Gamla Stan, Norrmalm, and took a boat tour of more islands. There are lots of stairs, bridges, overpasses…
4. Swedish language is hard for me. I can’t get the pronunciations and tones right. Thankfully, everyone speaks English, fluently too. I am trying.
5. Weather is a bit chilly, but similar to SF (layers)! Day is long, sun rises or light starts ~4a or 5a, then dark ~10p or 11p (eye mask).

Something interesting:
1. I heard a noise when I walked by a public trash can. Apparently, it empties from the bottom (trash gets collected underground?!). No overflow and keeps streets clean. Good idea!
2. Pardon my misconception and perhaps fantasy (too honest?), not all men look like Alex Skarsgard. And not everyone is tall, blonde and blue-eyed, but a lot are.
3. My friend has become an excellent cook, using fresh ingredients grown from her garden! I’ve had homemade Korean pahjang (sp?, pancake), zazanmien, slow-cooked duck… Yum!

I feel healthy and active here.

I have more exploring and learning to do! Photos will be delayed – I’m using an actual camera vs phone (I am also lazy, slightly jet-lagged).

Happy Weekend! :)

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To the girl with acne from water: If you have to drink tap water you can boil it or freeze it in the freezer. It should remove most of harmful things in your water. You can also try some peelings. You can also try different type of make up for more natural look: Powder, BB creams etc. but it's true moisturising is the key


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I drank a soda at my brothers house, because he refuses to let anyone drink water from the tap [he says it has feces in it… he’s crazy] and I can’t have coffee anymore.

So, now I feel bloated and gross. I hate the effect that soda has on my body.

And I know people that drink this all day, every day… Like…

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1. What’s your name? 


 2. Where are you from? 

florida. every day i ride my alligator to school while drinking orange juice from the tap as the sun beats down upon me. 

 3. Favourite colour? 

 pink pink pink pink i cant even name all of the things i own that are pink 

4. Write something in all caps: 


5. Favourite band/artist: 

i love HIM oh my god they’re from Finland and they’re heavy metal (( they sing in english )) and i just love them so much ?? i’ve seen them live twice and met them once it was incredible 

6. Favourite number: 

currently 29 because i am graduating on the 29th 

7. Favourite drink: it’s water im so boring. i drink so much water. 

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I’m gonna do it.

I read an article about “15 reasons why you should quit mountain dew”

and, even though alot of the information was bent and incorrect. The research I did unearth alot I didn’t know about it. Even though I don’t drink 2-4 liters a day and don’t have any adverse reaction to it other than stomach pains when I chug a whole bottle, or trouble sleeping when I drink one really late. I think I’m going to try to make the conversion to just drinking water. I know it’ll be alot better for my health, and probably cost me less money over time as long as I’m drinking from the tap and not buying really expensive bottled water. So I’m going to use what mountain dew is left in the fridge to slowly wean myself off mountain dew and get another 24 pack of bottled water from work and get myself to drink water instead of mountain dew from now on.

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We have two cats! Only one of them is technically mine, but my brother and I  take care of them together so I tag them as #my cats. My cat (Lucy) is a very fluffy old lady, who likes smooching up to people and being a little tyrant where our other cat (Claws) is concerned. She also really likes drinking from the bathtub tap. In the past we’ve also had a few fish and a dog, which we weren’t really ready for (you know how mean little kids sometimes get with animals) so Mum gave her away.


If he Can Why can’t We…A viral video, monkey closes tap #SaveWater #MonkeyClosesTap #MonkeySavesWater

A viral video in which a monkey closes tap and saves water. Everyone passes and no one react to it then a monkey came and drinks water from tap and after drinking he closes tap and save water

Day 10: Things I Didn’t Think I’d Miss

I’m feeling a little homesick today, and while I knew I would miss my friends and family (and bed), there are a few things that I’m missing way more than I expected I would:

1. Reliable electricity - I’ve only been here ten days, but the power has gone out three times already. I’m currently sitting in the dark, typing this post from my iPhone

2. Cold drinking water - You can’t drink tap water here, and we only have a small fridge, which means I’ve been living off bottled water (room temperature) and filtered water (also room temperature)

3. Fast WiFi - I feel like I spend 30% of my time at work waiting for the internet to load, and trying to disconnect and reconnect from the network

4. Ice cream - I know it’s not even been two weeks, but oh my goodness what I wouldn’t do for an ice cream cone… Apparently the ice cream here is nowhere near the same thing we have at home, so I figure better just to wait until August and really enjoy it at home

5. Coffee to go - I don’t usually even like Tim Hortons, but if one opened between home and my work I think I’d literally cry. Restaurants and cafes here serve coffee (and good coffee, at that), but I have yet to see anyone walking around with a to-go coffee cup. When it’s constantly 30 degrees, not a day goes by that I don’t wish there was somewhere to stop and pick up an iced coffee on my way to work

6. Clean feet - The road and sidewalks (when they exist) aren’t cement, they’re more like packed down red dirt, and somehow even if I’m wearing sneakers and socks the entire time I’m outside, when I kick off my shoes my socks have been stained orangey-red. HOW does that even happen? And yes, I know, I could just take a shower…

7. Street lights - I feel like I have a 7:30 curfew, because that’s what time the sun sets, and there doesn’t seem to be a single street light in my entire neighbourhood. I miss being able to run errands after dinner, or even just being able to walk around outside without being afraid of getting lost or blending in to the darkness and getting hit by a car (I guess I also miss sidewalks…)

8. Silence - Although my house itself is quiet, there is always something going on right outside the window, whether it’s the neighbours doing work on their car, guard dogs barking, a rooster waking everyone up at 6:30 AM, someone cutting their grass, or the guest house across the road blasting English soccer games in the evenings, it feels it’s been a while since it’s truly been silent.