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I try and eat clean as much as possible however I often end up going out drinking with my friends most weekends, could this be why Im not making progress?

You’re trying, that’s why you’re not progressing as much as I want.

I’m sure you already know that drinking is not good for you, for your nutrition and health. However, 2 drinks won’t ruin all your progress.

Life is about balance, if you can balance a healthy lifestyle with 1-2 drinks on the weekend, you will get good results.

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Monday planning burble

A new week is upon us and I’ve recovered from my jetlag if not my chest cold. It is time to knuckle down to work and health repair.

This morning I need to email the accountant with a query (our financial year finishes on 30 June so there is stuff to be done) and let my gastroenterologist’s secretary know when I plan to book my Remicade infusion (when this cold is gone). Then there’s my prac logs; I need to collect my signed cancer project logs this week and finally finish the physiotherapy stint. My supervisor has allowed me a ton of leeway because of my health issues during that placement but it’s time to wrap it up before my next assignment.

I also want to sort my photos from my trip.

Health and exercise-wise, I’ve slipped back into bad habits since The Husb returned from Darwin; yep the wine and cheese with dinner prep habit. Not only that, I’ve been eating a ton of sugar and drinking Grand Marnier after dinner the way Rob guzzles scotch. I even have an unacceptable dehydration headache this morning.

While he was away I was indulging in the evening Grand Marnier - so many calories! - but not drinking wine first. I am married to someone who nightly drinks more than is good for anyone, knows it, but calls it an attack when I raise it and is not willing to commit to change. That means I must have the self-determination to change my own behaviour despite his overt consumption.

Research clearly shows that if your spouse is on board with lifestyle changes, the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced, and the converse is true. I do not wish to abstain, merely temper wine consumption. He wants to lose 5kg to ride hills better - well there is an easy answer to that! Given that alcohol (ethanol) will power a bus, sitting on your butt fuelling up is a sure way to get fatter.