My hands and my eyes hate me. Sneak of where I’m at for that poster for that one band. This will be the first landscape poster I’ve done in years. And now I know why. The genius that I am decided to cram 3 figures into the picture. (3rd guy yet to be inked) Since November I vowed to work smarter and faster by working half the size I normally work - 11x17. So now I’m trying to do pieces at 8.5x11. Which is completely backwards since we are taught to work big so the art can be reduced and look sexier. Me, I’m working small and enlarging the art. So I gotta be extra retentive with my line quality. It’s hurting my brain!!! Hoping to be done by sometime tomorrow. Luckily this piece will be early.
I can’t drink caffeine while I’m inking so I’m pretty sure this post makes less sense than my usual ramblings. Plus I initiated my own self-intervention the other day when I bagged up all my video games and told @malamarvoncat to hang on to them until sometime in May. #tearswereshed #itwasgettingbad #iwasdreamingaboutvideogames #nowidreamaboutexgirlfriends #happytobeawake
So yeah…it’s nice out. Lots of joggers in my neighborhood. #stupidjoggers I picked up a bottle of wine for some late evening (dr)inking and sad bastard music. Been listening to a lot of pup, menzingers and Kendrick Lamar. #thisdickaaaaintfreee
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Here’s Christopher Plummer On The Time He And Jason Robards Got A Police Horse Drunk In New York

If you love classic Hollywood tales, this is definitely for you. Christopher Plummer stopped by Conan to talk a bit about his legendary career and the secret to a long life. It turns out that he wasn’t lying when he said heavy drinking, with the story that follows standing as evidence.

It’s a story that’s been passed around a bit and Kevin Spacey brought it up at a tribute to Plummer in 2013, but this is the first time I’ve seen Plummer really talk about it during an interview. He and Jason Robards were having a ball on Broadway, drinking and raising hell loud enough to earn the attention of some police on horseback.

Obviously it was a different time because the cop gave them a warning and then ended up joining the two actors for a drink, but only on one condition: the horse had to come along.

So here are Christopher Plummer, Jason Robards, a police officer, and a horse enjoying tequila right in the middle of this bar on Broadway. The craziest thing I’ve ever done is still some glasses and puke in someone’s couch. They reportedly had a hard time getting the horse in and out of the bar, but things came together in the end.


A decade after first watching Dazed and Confused, I still find myself trawling through rails in vintage shops with only the costumes of the cast in mind. And as soon as I spot an item that even slightly resembles something one of them might wear, I hear Steven Tyler’s voice in my head, singing loud and clear: “Sweeeeeeeeeeet emmooooooooootioooon”. I now work at a place where I spend the majority of my day prowling the internet for “content” – projects and series created by artists, photographers, illustrators and filmmakers.

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Rocky Mountain Cooler

  • Lemon Juice - 1 oz
  • Superfine Sugar - ½ tbsp
  • Egg - 1
  • Cider - 1 cup
  • Beat up the egg, combine everything in a long tumbler, stir. Grate nutmeg on top.

From Wehman Bros. Bartender’s Guide.

Almost the same as General Harrison’s Egg Nogg from Jerry Thomas’ very first book; but without ice, and not shaken.

This way of preparing is a lot more sensible, since shaking up cider is not wise. I would beat up the egg along with lemon juice and sugar, pour into a chilled glass, and fill up with cider. The nutmeg is optional.