Most colleges require students to go through some sort of alcohol education program. When I was a freshman in college, I was required to play a video game that involved helping Franklin the frog navigate through various college parties without succumbing to alcohol poisoning. (Easy, Frank — remember to hydrate).

Other universities require students to watch educational videos or take online quizzes about appropriate alcohol use.These one-time interventions do work, but their effect tends to wear off as the school year progresses, according to a recent study.

Programs Help Students Cut Back On Booze, But Not For Long

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Anon asked:

Can we talk about the drunk INTJ, though? Drinking doesn’t seem like a huge thing to us, and if we do it’s usually one and done. But, on a rare occasion, we have more than one, and when we do we’re someone new. At least in my experience. Once I get a few in on the very rare occasion, I become “the funny, social drunk” when normally I keep to myself and am quiet. What is your experience if you’ve had one? Do you think it’s normal for the NT type to have a swap when drunk?

I don’t drink at all, so I’m opening this one up to followers. Input?

Hammer tribe women in Omo Valley Ethiopia are not easy to photograph, especially in market days. The best way that I found to take candid photos of them was to invite a bunch of them to the local “bar” and buy them all their drinks (the bar has no “bar”, no music and only one drinking option: Taj, the local “beer”). In this case at Dimeka market I bought drinks for two hours for about 30 women. They were reserved in the beginning but in the end they had a lot of fun and ended up loving me. iPhone video © Konstantino Hatzisarros 2014. www.konstantinophoto.com