Behold: the dawn of Hypercolor.

5 Awesome Technologies Created by Ancient Civilizations

#5. The Magical Roman Technicolor Cup

The Lycurgus Cup looks green when lit from the front. But when lit from behind, it turns a demonic red. In 1990, British researchers tried to unlock the mystery of the devil’s beer stein. What they found was that the glass was full of gold and silver flecks 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. Basically, the Romans discovered nanotechnology — the science of manipulating incredibly small particles — and used it to make a bitchin’ pimp cup.

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I remember reading a lot about wasted, red-faced Moran in HOTD and oooh boy, there is nothing I want more than drunk Jimmy and Basher staggering home after an excessive night of drinking and clubbing, or whatever it is you imagine they might do for fun on Friday nights… 

Loneliness elbowed it’s way up, and next to me made a space.
i slipped him a beer, then called a cab.

i’m no better at dealing with the everything, that fucks up everybody else it seems. i can’t fix me, so you’re outta luck.

bars are no place for drunks, getting hammered under neon lights you’re like a sitting duck, and misery always knows where to find you.

Чувак, ты выглядишь нелепо. [chuvàk, ty v`yglidish nilèpa] - Dude, you look ridiculous.
нелепо [nilèpa] - absurdly, ridiculously

У тебя есть идея получше? [u tibyà jèst idèya palùchshi] - You got a better idea? 

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