Ohhh man thepeacefulknight just gave me the mOST MAGNIFICENT IDEA…

So, um, *cough* we were talking about cough a certain knight doing cough inappropriate things with his Great Sword, for context’s sake, and then she hit upon the kind of fun idea of the Sword being able to channel their energy into another physical form, whatever they felt like. And then that became “Ooh, but what if they could just take the form of their previous bearers?”

which. I mean. you think about that for a second. My mind went off in three different directions: one heartbreaking, two steamy–

the heartbreaking one is of course Drift, long after Wing is dead, when he’s alone and aching for some sort of guidance or comfort, and the Sword taking on Wing’s form.

the steamy ones are the Sword taking on Wing’s form, but with Wing– so you know, selfcest!– and the other is the same but with Drift AND Wing, so… pleasant threesome!

In the end, I came up with something myself and wrote it.


He was very small.

Drift couldn’t look away, but he forced himself to lift his gaze lest the bot caught him watching. That was even more embarrassing, if you thought about it: if he was Magnus, Drift would be looking at his chestplate. He would definitely not be avoiding the sight of a green face, a facial insignia, frown that appeared when he saw Drift.

He heard about it, but he never even imagined how it must look - how much smaller Magnus (Minimus?) must be. He’d heard of loadbearers, but to see it like this– he probably wouldn’t even think that this stranger was Ultra Magnus, but his aura was impossible not to recognise.

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Ok shit this is taking me too long because I’m underslept and overcaffinated so I have to fix assloads of typos. Giving you this chunk now because withdrawnwitch​ keeps pestering me *sigh*


  • Ratchet is a selkie whose fur was nicked then he was cursed to take on octomer form during the new moon. 
  • The silly idiot is crushing on Drift a lot harder than I thought he would be by this point. Oops?

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800 words, Ratchet POV.

This is supposed to hurt but dunno how well it worked *shrug*

Listen to Jillian by Within Temptation


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anonymous asked:

Being Asian, how do you feel about Drift, Cyclonus, and Windblade's designs being Japanese-inspired?

IDW Drift’s earlier design doesn’t look Japanese to me? If anything, it was the 侍 writings on his sides that looked odd. It’s like putting words such as “soldier” or “chivalry” on your car doors in Gothic or typewriter font. For me it just feels weird. I wouldn’t want to be seen in a car like that.
I can see small bits of eastern elements here and there in MTMTE Drift, but those elements don’t overwhelm the overall design of his robot mode, and I really like that. It’s the similar feeling I had about Dreadwing and Skyquake in Transformers Prime.

IDW Cyclonus was designed by EJ Su, who is Taiwanese American (like me!). Su not only drew inspiration from oni and samurai (both which Taiwanese people are rather familiar with), but also retained the mechanical alienness of a Transformer robot. And I think that’s really really cool. I kinda miss his “walrus tusks” though.

Looking at Windblade’s concept sketches, I could see that her design was going to be heavily inspired by a particular culture anyway, and the kabuki style just happened to be the one Hasbro settled on. The only thing I picked on was her makeup, which at the time I felt was a bit too much, but I’m glad they managed to pull that off quite nicely. 
Did I mention her size? It was so refreshing to see her to be larger than Chromia and Nautica in that one page from Dark Cybertron. I’m kinda sad that she didn’t keep that larger size, having a flight altmode and all.

Ok I’m running out of steam and it’s getting into the ‘talking heads’ part where it segues into the next part of the story so I’m declaring the epiphany-shower-plotbunny dealt with and moving onto something that I SHOULD have been working on. Like Tenebris or ASCW or Love Me? or In Plain Sight.

All up you’ve had 6,880-odd words of a fic that wasn’t even supposed to be started until I got Tenebris out of the way so I have no guilt about dropping this here and moving on.


940ish words, Ratchet POV, no editing because I only got 2 hours of sleep last night I’ve been up for 15 hours and I’m fucking done with this shit.


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