Doctor/ River: Timebaby | Pregnancy Fic List

I Was Born To Get To You by Ciardha (T)
Catch My Breath by MyHeartCanDream (T)
It is Written in the Stars by Ciardha (T)
I keep myself busy; time goes faster that way by Riversnogged (M)
Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter by Riversnogged (G)
I am always going, and she cannot follow by Riversnogged (M)
Light she was, and like a fairy by Mygalfriday (G)
L’horloge tourne, les minutes sont torrides by Doctorrsong (RiverSong) (M)
Our Story Goes On by allfairytales (T)
Underneath the song there is another song by Amie33 (M)
Miraculous by Emmyeccentric (T)
Luna Lullaby by GrumpyJenn (M)
Deviant by TygerTyger (E)
Healthy Competiton by TygerTyger (E)
Tout a changé le jour où je t'ai donnée la vie by Leiascully (T)
In Which Spoilers Are Poorly Kept by Bendingwind (T)
Like Stars in My Sky by Bendingwind (Not rated)
it’s all fun and games (until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant) by Areyoumarriedriver (K+)
Les Patineurs Valse by Areyoumarriedriver (PG)
Of shoes– and ships– and sealing wax by Areyoumarriedriver (K)
Various by cheshire_song (G)
Various by obsessedsoul
Flume by agelessdaughter (Not Rated)
Hope by jadefic (PG)
Circular Fixes: A by Jadefic

If you have any more feel free to add them to the list :)

as we roll down this unfamiliar road (doctor/river)

She wakes to the sound of the TARDIS brakes, unmistakable even over the cacophony of rain and thunder outside the prison walls. Opening her eyes to her dark ceiling, River sighs and scrubs a hand over her face, mentally preparing herself for another adventure. She only just returned from a particularly harrowing trip with her husband and while usually delighted to see him again so soon, her body just isn’t as strong as she pretends it is. Sleep, even if just a little, is required for her human plus body. 

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Finders Peepers by betawho, a story inspired by this art.

Summary: Sometimes the Tardis can be so uncooperative. But as Clara learns, sometimes it has reason…

Post-TNOTD for the Doctor, Clara, and the Tardis

pre-SitL for River

DoctorxRiver, Clara Oswald

Great characterization for everyone and sweetly written & fun for all of them too.

artwork is (The Swimming Pool by MikazukiRisa)

engrprof said: Doctor watching River while she sleeps

The nuns at Sisters of the Infinite Schism didn’t question the Doctor when they found him roaming through the pristine corridors at night, absently flicking through the tablet of chart information kept at the foot of their patient’s bed. There were privacy laws, of course, but Amy had listed him among next of kin and insisted he had every right to know about the health and well-being of her daughter. Everyone knew he would just subvert the nuns and gain the information on his own anyhow, so he was added to the list as Melody Pond’s significant other.

No one objected.

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It’s been way too long without our babies, so it’s time for a “mini” River/Doctor ficathon! It’ll work a bit differently than the regular ones, like so: 

1. Submit or ask to this blog with prompts for River/Doctor, in any and all forms/regenerations/ot3s/etc.  You can submit up to 20 prompts! Submit by March 25! (You decide if you want to be anonymous or have your name attached.)

2. I will post a gigantor (hopefully) list of all the prompts, and writers will, on a first come first serve basis, submit or ask to this blog with the # and prompt that they want.  You can claim up to 5 prompts at a time, but if you know you won’t be able to write it, please “release” it back to the public.  As people claim prompts I will cross them off the list (so also prob choose a backup prompt or two just in case). 

3. WRITE FICS.  Fics should be 800+ words. First round of fics due by the end of April.  If it’s a success, we do more rounds! If not, we cry.  Fics can be posted wherever and whenever you like, just make sure to send us a link!

4. Plz reblog and send in prompts so we can have more River/Doctor fic.  Then plz write fic.  Please and thank you amen.

5. Any questions, ask away!

Characters: Togami/Naegi
Rating: M
Summary: byakuya is fed up with how normal of a person makoto is
A/N: i dont have an excuse for this one

To say the least, this isn’t what you expected to have happening in the locker room. You should’ve gotten used outrageous things at this point, but you hadn’t considered… this. Besides Fukawa-san, no one seemed to have really weird thoughts in a death trap of a school. Or maybe no one had time for it? Of all your friends, you didn’t expect this person to end up cornering you off like an angry cat, lip curled and eyes too bright.

“U-um…” You stammer.

You found yourself hunched over, pressed against one of the lockers with your head between your arms, back arched and mouth gaping. You’re twitching from the cold, unaccustomed to not wearing the infamous hoodie you hadn’t been around school without since arriving. You were instead clad in a simple undershirt with your hoodie pooled by your feet. Shivering, you breathe in hastily, your only source of warmth both frightening and… strange.

You couldn’t push it away. The aura was domineering. You couldn’t help but follow the orders, bending and adjusting to fit the commands from the other.


“I didn’t tell you to speak.”

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i love you always, time is nothing

She always carried a book. On their adventures, it was the book – the only one that mattered. A bigger on the inside blue diary that held the most important love story in the history of the universe. But when they weren’t having adventures, when they were lounging about on the TARDIS or her house on Luna, hiding from worlds and people and whole star systems just to be a boring old married couple for a while, River carried another book.

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Word Count: 6,101

Rating: M

Pairing/Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory, Clara.

Notes: A late happy birthday to Pam, and a Merry Christmas to all! For the Doctor and Clara, this takes place between “The Day of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor.” For Amy, Rory, and River, this takes place between “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.”

At one point in the story, Clara refers to having seen Amy and Rory’s pictures. In the series 7 minisode “Clara and the TARDIS,” the TARDIS shows Clara a number of companions that were on the TARDIS. Amy was the final one, and I took a little license with Rory.

Summary: What in Rassilon’s name was Amelia Pond doing at the Intergalactic Mall of Andromeda? The Doctor mentally flipped back through the hundreds of trips he’d taken with the Ponds. He was damn well sure he hadn’t brought them here. Which means River had. Seeing Amy had made his eyes sting, but the thought of being on the same planet as River Song made his hearts ache. He’d only just gotten over saying good-bye to her again, though she’d warned him she’d see him again. Spoilers, right? Now, where the bloody hell was Clara?

tisziny asked: River tries to surprise 11 with a picnic but finds 10 instead. She goes along with it and they picnic at asgard, but its not until its too late that River remembers she packed something sexy in with the food, like edible knickers or body chocolate or something.

He’s too early. Far, far too early.

River watches with trepidation as his younger regeneration – all spiky hair and big brown eyes, that devilish grin he thinks makes him so bloody irresistible – unpacks her picnic hamper with gusto. “Ooh, baby carrots! And tiny sausages!” He smiles winningly at her. “This is fun!” 

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Word Count: 9,618

Rating: M

Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Amy/Rory, Vastra/Jenny, Clara, Angie, Artie, Anthony

Notes: This came from an idea I had when “The Name of the Doctor” aired, wondering if the conference calls could also be used to contact the Ponds. It just so happened that I finally wrote it before Doctor/River Appreciation Day on Tumblr. Many thanks to Charina, Pam, and Sarah for the beta!

The title is from “Love is All Around,” by Wet Wet Wet

Summary: “So, basically, you want me to convince the Doctor to fall asleep so he can join a conference call with his in-laws so they can yell at him about not dealing with his wife. This, admittedly, is not the strangest thing to happen to us lately. Neither is this phone call. Are you quite sure it won’t show up on the bill?”

applebottomclaudiajeans asked:

I'm curious so I'm gonna be a dick: First time River sees Twelve.

He figures he’ll surprise her; he finally feels comfortable in this newer, older body (though he’s still unsure on the kidney color), and he wants to see his wife- preferably sometime later in their timeline. The TARDIS seems to have other ideas though; she takes him to the library of Luna University, practically throws him out the doors, and promptly locks him out.

“I get it, I get it, go talk to the wife!” he mutters under his breath, in the Scottish brogue that still catches him off-guard. He heads right for the top floor, where he knows River prefers to study; it’s quieter and more blocked off, allowing her to have her own space without anyone interrupting.

He finds her in the back corner, hair a messy array around her shoulders and pen cap in her mouth. She’s bent over a book that looks as ancient as him, dust particles in the air; she sneezes as he comes closer, and with a soft smile he says, “Bless you.”

She looks up, startled- she’d evidently not heard his footsteps, engrossed in her book as she was. She gives him a tentative smile, pushing some of her never-ending hair back behind her ear. “Thank you. Are you a professor here? Students rarely come to this section of the library.”

It takes him only a moment to realize; she doesn’t recognize him. She doesn’t know him, doesn’t know this face; this is a River who is young and free and still in the process of discovering who she is. He swallows, offering her a half-smile he’s sure looks pained.

“Not quite, dear,” he replies, reaching into the inside pocket of his suit and pulling out a length of satiny cloth; River’s lips part as he lets the bowtie pool on the desk between them.

“Doctor?” she whispers, rising from her seat and reaching a hand out, fingertips whispering across the back of his hand. “But you’re-”

“Old?” he supplied, amusement coloring his tone as River flushed, biting her lip.

“I was going to say mature,” she replied, rounding the desk and lifting her hand, cupping his cheek gently as the other made its way to the center of his chest, resting directly between his hearts. “I rather like the gray. It suits you.”

“You suit me,” he murmurs, nose buried in her hair and arms around her waist. “What do you say we leave these dusty books behind and go on an adventure, River Song?”

“Only if you promise to have me back by dinner; I have a test tomorrow,” River says, pulling back slightly to look at him sternly, though there was teasing in her eyes. The Doctor leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose gently, delighting in the way she crinkled it afterwards.

“Anything you say, m'dear.”