Drewtoru - Pressure

They were lying on the bed, Drew reciting all that he could about the kinetics of Chemical Reaction for an upcoming test whilst Satoru straddled his waist and listened to the best of his ability. It was hard when he was getting distracted by how smoothly Drew spoke and the sexiness of his lips as he said the words. Also, the cute face Drew pulled when he was trying to pull a bit of information forward in his mind just made Satoru want to pounce on him – Many said Satoru was the cute adorable one but they had never seen Drew concentrate as much as Satoru did, or stumble over his words when Satoru did something unexpected leaving Drew either in shock, amazement or just feeling a sudden need to undress the smaller boy and pin him to the mattress.

Satoru just couldn’t concentrate on anything else then kissing Drew roughly and…and…God was it bad that he was turned on by Drew’s intellect?

“…Reactant concentrations, which usually make the reaction happen at a faster rate if raised through increased collisions per unit time. Some reactions, however, have rates that are not depended on the concentration of the reactant…”

Satoru groaned and latched onto Drew’s neck with his mouth any thoughts of resisting Drew’s body and listening closely to what the other Windsor was saying got pushed aside futile in the battle against Satoru’s needs. Gently he grazed his teeth along the sensitive skin. His right hand trailed up, his fingers brushing against Drew’s jaw line and wrapped up in Drew’s blonde curls.

Drew’s voice rose an octave and his eyes fluttered shut. “Surface area for contact between the reactions (especially in particular solid ones in heterogeneous systems). The larger the surface area the quicker the rate of reaction…”

“Sounds good…” Satoru rolled his hips down and nipped at Drew’s jaw, then once more, slowly moving up along it, nipping and kissing it teasingly. His hand – which was not doing anything apart from supporting him slightly – trailed up Drew’s top.

“Need more contact…” Satoru took Drew’s earlobe in his mouth and tugged. Involuntarily, Drew’s hips bucked up and his hands trailed from where they were on Satoru’s waist to tuck into the back of Satoru’s trouser pockets, pulling him closer.

“In-increasing the pressure decreases the volume between t-the molecules.” Drew’s head fell back and he gasped as Satoru rolled his hips again. “Between the molecules and so it increa-creases the frequency of coll-collisions…” He groaned loudly as Satoru applied just enough pressure as he grinded his hips down to make Drew surrender and flip them over so Satoru’s back was against the mattress.

Satoru stared up in surprised, his dazzling eyes opened wide in shock and then he smirked ever so slight. Drew wanted to attack those scheming lips with his own and kiss Satoru until he was begging for it. “What about revising?” Satoru asked innocently.

“Fuck. It.”