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Hi there! Just your friendly neighborhood New Orleanian here! I'd just like to point out that virtually no one actually pronounces New Orleans like "Nawlins." If you just stick to the New "Or-lins" pronunciation you'll be just fine! :)

THANK YOU! Okay, my fellow Californian friends were debating with me because I told them Madison says “New Or-lens”. And they were like “Lies, it’s N’awlins.”

drewbreesus asked:

hi there! I was wondering if there was anyway we could send you hand written letters? I totally understand if you want us to just type it up and send it to you so you wouldn.t have to give out an address and all that jazz, but I just thought I would ask. :)

I would rather you guys type up your letters and send them through the submit. I’m not comfortable giving my address out. ): I’m sorry! Thank you for submitting in advance!! <3

dude, what if that’s just the running gag? that we find out in season 42, the last season, everyone in beacon hills except the pack, knew about werewolves.

and it just ends

on scott’s and stiles’s faces, just like

Okay so I need to say a thing.

Lately (and when I say lately I mean the last year or so) tumblr has become sort of a cesspool.

I’m at the point where tumblr has pushed me to the point where I literally hate just about everything. Like I hate Republicans, I hate liberals. I hate all the genders. I hate all the people I hate all the religions. It’s like, it stopped being a place of casual information or exploration or understanding. It’s become a pit of screaming assholes.

Like you may be waving around a stick with the words equal rights for everyone scribbled on the side and I’m totally down with it. I happen to have my own matching stick but when you take that stick and start beating me with it, I no longer give a shit what it says on it or what it supports. stop beating me with it.

Tumblr is the only site that can make you hate Benedict Cumbernut just as much as immigration reform. and then a lot of you have the audacity to hate and berate me cause I’m keeping out of the cyber mosh pit and trying my best to keep to myself cause you keep fucking wacking me with your metaphorical sticks.

Leave me alone. Just like I respect your views, your personalities, your anxieties, and fears, respect mine please. That’s all I’m asking for.