Dumbest of the dumb and terribad Brave Frontier puns in sentences

Dude I think I have a Feeva

Bro, I don’t Kir-at all

What, did I Kik-u-right in the face?

Man, Uda MVP

My camera? Oh it’s Kanon

Hold up bro BF is just Lodin

Water you Lucin-at?

Ai-shall go, they must be worried about me

Don’t do it! They’ll Zelban your account!

But first, let me take a Sylph-ie

They have Elimo-nated the enemy!

Wow, that sounds Drevas-tating

Dude take it Eze

Trial 003 [JP] Squad: 1st Try Success - Finding Kanon’s Waifu.

Oguro 6* (Breaker, Eight Divine Swords + Sol Creator) : His leader skill is similar with Lilly Matah’s (Fill BC when attacked). additional 30% HP and DEF boost is awesome too. Also an Unlimited SBB.

Heavenly Emperor Kanon (Lord, *that mini-Drevas from FH* + Omni Gizmo) : Ailment Purger, DEF booster, Abaddon and Maxwell’s favorite punching bag because reasons. Also the main actor in this soap opera, Main Hitter, awesome UBB

Smoldering King Alpha (Breaker, Sacred Hairpin + Skill Bracer) : Why did I even use Sacred Hairpin for him lol… oh, stat boost. Hitter and HoT Buffer.

Aqua Goddess Kuhla (Anima, Dandelga) : BB Gauge Charger.

Blue Galaxy Guru Elimo (Lord, Medulla Gem) : Healer, Ailment Purger, Mitigator, DEF Buffer, Damn Elimo y u so awesome in you 7*

Twilight God Grahdens (Lord, Buffer Jewel + Heresy Orb) : Friend Leader. Buffer Jewel in his Leader Skill and reduce damage from Light and Dark types. Totally awesome.

Playstyle :

This time I ran a defensive-but-agressive squad. The keys are :

  • 30% + 35% HP and DEF buff from Oguro and Grahdens.
  • 140% DEF buff from either Kanon or Elimo.
  • HoT buff from Alpha.
  • 15% damage reduction (in Abaddon and Maxwell’s battle) from Grahdens.
  • 50% damage mitigation from Elimo
  • (only once) 75% damage mitigation from Kanon

Oguro and Alpha have 3000+ ATK (including spheres, excluding Grahdens’ boost) thanks to their typing, and as we know, Alpha’s BB is also massive. It caused high damage output too. Sometimes too high that I forgot the threshold lololol. Glad that Elimo is ready to mitigate at that time and thanks to DEF boosts and damage reducing effect from Oguro and Grahdens, Maxwell didn’t hit my party as hard as my run in Global lol.

Still, Abaddon killed Kanon once when it used Death Gate at its 30% HP threshold and Maxwell loves to hit Kanon with Her ST attacks. What did Kanon do to y-

Oh, an old grudge, I see.

Recap :

  • Juggernaut : 5TK. Oguro MVP HAHAHA
  • Abaddon : died about 5 or 6 turns after Juggernaut.
  • Maxwell : died before She casts another Sacred Song (turn 20?)

Okay, FH squad finalised! For more efficient runs without having to use too many gems to get high rank. Goal, HR+4, cause there are new FH rank rewards added so no HR+5 for me and I lack the time to fight for HR+5 anyway. I’m expecting it to be more or less the same as previous FH season for me to hit HR+4.

  • Leader: Feeva/Rosetta - Legwand Gem & Heavenly Bud
  • Shera - Legwand Gem & Alzeon Pearl (already using my brand new reward from Bia arena rank :P)
  • Shida - Drevas
  • Both Lario - Legwand Gem
  • Friend: Feeva/Rosetta/Lario - No crit% boost spheres equipped!

Leaders must always be Rosetta+Feeva/Lario or you won’t be able to maintain BB/SBB gauge easily, especially for the single enemy rounds. I mostly just 2TK everything except Lucca/Elimo/Dia cause I’m lazy to figure out and remember a 3TK sequence and Emilia and Sergio seems to have a lot of HP compared to the other two units that come with their rounds. Marauder Set, use your Pure Elixirs only to cure Paralyze and/or Curse!!! Use an Attack Elixir if you end up doing that.

Average score per run : ~1.9-2.1mil

So my leader will either be Rosetta or Feeva when I’m NOT playing.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you will reach your goal for this season of FH~

Long post coming up, to keep things on track, here’s Lance from Brave Frontier, clutching Drevas. I kind of like the idea of colouring this one later down the track, I think his fair would be fun and maybe play with some lighting effects.

I Like his 7* lore, it felt…very content and peaceful way to die. Unlike the others.

Recept na najlepšiu domácu pizzu ale aby to nebola buchta ani kus dreva? Stále mi ešte v trúbe chýba ďalších asi 200°C ale nie je to úplne zlé. Chce to vysokú hydratáciu, vyzreté cesto (ideálne v chladničke aspoň 2-3 dni) a vysokú teplotu pri pečení.

Bakers formula:
Múka, hladká……59%
Droždie, instantné…0.4%

Done! 💨

Why should ‘Animal Advocates" even be part of the conversation?  They have  their own agenda, and it will likely end up hampering the science.

Multifunkčný nábytok ukrytý v malom a ľahko prenosnom zošite

                   Táto vecička sa nazýva po anglicky “bookniture”, čiže akýsi nábytok z knihy, alebo zošita. Bookniture je šikovný a ľahko prenosný kus nábytku.

                    O tvorbu tohto interiérového kúsku sa postaral dizajnér Mike Mak. Je to veľmi praktické, pretože tento kúsok môže slúžiť ako opora na vyloženie nôh pri sedení, nočný stolík a stály pracovný stôl. Okrem toho ho môžete využiť, keď na to položíte menší kúsok dreva, ako vonkajšiu stoličku, 

                    Môžete tiež vytvoriť dlhú lavicu, alebo menší stôl. Keď tieto dva kúsky spojíte, vzniknú vám akési nohy lavice, na ktoré keď potom položíte dosku, tak vám vznikne originálny kúsok. Využitie skutočne záleží iba na vás a na vašej predstavivosti.

                    Prenášanie z miesta na miesto je veľmi pohodlné, pretože tento kus nábytku ľahko zložíte do knihy a môžete ísť. Dizajn je kombinovaný pokročilou Origami konštrukciou a tiež s tradičnými knižnými remeslami.