So about Dresden and Hats. The story goes that for the first few novels, the illustrator added a hat because they thought it would add a sense of noir and mystery. Jim Butcher never wanted a hat on the cover because Harry never actually wears a hat. So the illustrator started drawing larger and larger hats on Harry in the cover art while Butcher made Harry more and more adamantly anti-hat in the book. It’s a running joke between the illustrator and the author.

Even to the point where one of the villains wears a fedora and Harry basically says “only evil people wear fedoras. This guy is just missing the goatee”

The controversial fire-bombing of the German city of Dresden by Allied aircraft began seventy years ago on February 13, 1945.  

This excerpt from a 1945 “United News” newsreel shows a nighttime raid on the city by British Lancaster bombers with incendiary bombs:

From the series: Motion Picture Films from “United News” Newsreels, 1942 - 1945