A little makeover for Thane … yes poor him, he should just change his tights sometimes :p !


Un p’tit changement de look pour Thane… bin oui le pauvre, il doit bien changer de collants de temps en temps :p !


T H A N E   K R I O S

We made many thumbnail drawings for early Thane concepts. Early in development, concept artists are given as much freedom as possible. For Thane, some drew upon lizards or birds of paradise for inspiration. Later refinements led to a mixture of aquatic and reptilian characteristics. Also included are some concepts for jewelry on his face and neck. Only his necklace made it into the final game.

In early passes at Thane’s clothing, we debated whether to give him tight clothing, suitable for an assassin, or a loose-fitting jacket that spoke of the image of a professional. Variations on Thane’s face included a mannequin-like, “perfect human” appearance, but this was considered off-putting for a character intended as a potential romantic interest.

Closing in on the final concept, the artists used an open-collared look for a rebellious vibe. Early attempts to remove the jacket because of animation concerns ended up destroying the entire design. Thane’s balaclava-style helmets were intended to evoke a ski mask, signifying his criminal background.

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Anyway. I’m pissed that bioware didn’t make more drell characters, or do anything more with the drell because they’re literally limitless when it comes to designs and colors and patterns and they just completely neglected to do ANYTHING AT ALL with them.

And it pisses me off! They’re a great race, with massive potential, and they squandered it. 

I literally just looked up “lizard” and “colorful lizard” and picked 4 of the ones that caught my eye and then made a concept of a drell based on their design.

This was FOUR LIZARDS. There’s thousands of them out in the wild. They could have done so much more with this race and it’s really frustrating. 

again if you want any of these as your personal character, PLEASE ask me.